Big beefy cartoon husbands Tom and Jerry 

Here be the public post of Titan Tom page nine! When I post page 10, i'll add all the previous posts to the thread too so people who missed them can see them. You can see page 10 earlier on my patreon -

It time, it here, time for more tom, big tom, he's the best! (I'm streaming titan tom work) -

Scronkle donkle its time for your 9pm muscle beefening everyone. Drawing more muscular things -

Woah, the cat streams again. Chilling with Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life cos i'm nostalgic and it was my first harvest moon game -

Back and working on commissions and then some chill gaming after -

Gonna be working on BOFF THINGS and MEMES today on my stream, with some gaming afterwards! -

Late start to a stream imma do some beefy art and then play something maybe idk decision paralysis -

Moar drawing of beef things today and then WE WILL DEFEAT SANS -

Gonna do more undertale shenanigans so probably be losing to Undyne the Undying a lot -

Moar art today and then I feel like doing a genocide run of Undertale cos I've never finished one before -

Back to doing streamiiing, I decided to start the PNGTuber art fresh cos I had some better ideas for the posing and such -

Contains tom and jerry muscle bigness 

Here is page 8 of Titan Tom! Some might recognise the smug face :3c

You can see Page 9 early on my patreon! -

More hollow Knight tonight! Just enjoying exploring in this game! -

Okay hopefully my internet will behave better today, gonna play some more Hollow Knight to keep it relatively simple just incase! -

We're back to Half Life Alyx, and I need to remember myself that we're doing a gnome run or he'll get left behind ;-; -

Lets explore more as catte, i'm excited to play more Stray! :3 -

More stray! This time just the lone kitty exploring this honestly BEAUTIFUL game -

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