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if you could choose for me to become pregnant, and decide with how many i'd become pregnant with, which would you choose?

@novimatrem I think being unable to directly control sleep is a massive failing of the human body

it's really disheartening to spend days of somewhat hard effort staying up/going insane because of tiredness trying to fix my sleep, to have 1 (one) single loud random noise in the middle of the night wake me up and completely ruin all that work.. and that's why i'm up at 2AM..

@novimatrem yeah, the design of "medical" disability aids is really dull and boring

I wish they'd all be treated like eyeglasses

if (though it's becoming a *when*) i get a cane, i want to paint it or something, some kind of mild modding, to make it look cooler, because i don't want to look like i'm 80. i'm fine looking disabled (because i am), but i don't want to look old

cs:go toxicity 

i love that i've done nothing wrong other than maybe being bad at a cs:go map that i've literally never played before, that doesn't match the traditional formula, (insertion II), and i'm being vote-kicked from casual

thankfully it failed

oop, they tried again, too..

@novimatrem If you like reading there's gemini & gopher although a browser that's made for these protocols is lighter than a modern browser, here's a link that lets you explore that space with some introductions:

I'm bored as fuck, feel free to subscribe me to random email newsletters/subscriptions, for the fun of it

just got an ad in my email about menopause and weight loss

i think you have found the least likely target to ever click that email

@novimatrem The one exception is if I'm not sure if something needs it. But I tend to lean toward "it does"

@novimatrem yeah, some users just don't use them at all

I always use CWs though.

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