please respond, and boost/repeat:

1: search engines, which are most popular?

2: which search engine do *you use*

3: if your result doesn't come up in a search engine, what steps do you take *next*?

thank you for the help


gonna be real i still just use google for everything. i have yet to experience any time it hasn't found what i wanted


1: I have no idea, I imagine it depends on which segment of the population you look at. Maybe the overall most popular is Google?

2: I use duckduckgo.

3: I usually try to look up some other website that might set me down a path towards for what I'm looking for.

1. Google.

2. Searx or ecosia or yacy

3. Consider what the topic of my search is. Head to the topic's stackoverflow/stackexchange/forums and use the search function there.

@novimatrem google


Duckit, yt, try to wing whatever i am doing and see if it works by chance, ask somwhere, try again, ask a friend, realise friends are not helpful and i dont want to bother them/am not polite enough to make the trouble of beeing nice worth it, try again, give up, try when coming back in next cycle

@novimatrem duckduckgo gives me a simple headache free experience

so Ill go for it ftm

1. That info is available from a web search, so I won't bother with a guess. I'm here for the next two questions.
2. I use Google most of the time. In spite of being in cybersecurity, I'm heavily tied into the Google environment.
3. If my search doesn't yield good results, I pause, consider, and refine my search. Different question, different keywords, different angle on the topic.

@novimatrem 2. Google.
3. I try different keywords.

Really it seems like Google knows about everything, I just have to ask in the right way, with search operators or different words.
Google is undeniably more popular, probably followed by Bing because of Microsoft's efforts to force it on Windows users.

I use DuckDuckGo.

I usually post on fedi, and trawl through sites that seem vaguely related to what I'm looking for. I'm rarely both interested enough and lost enough to do anything more extensive, but I could always go to the library if I was in that situation.


Google and Bing. Some diehards on Yahoo! though. Gonna go out on a wing here and say also Pinterest.
I use duck duck go, and if that fails google.
Then it's game on, if I have the time to play. Library indexes, googling for meta-index pages that might have it listed, for the thesis papers of grad students who might have referenced it, for adjacent knowledge I can reconstruct it from and alternative terms. Ten years ago I'd say forums, now I'd say hashtags.

1. Of course: Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Startpage, etc.
2. I use my own SearX instance connected mostly to privacy respecting search engines.
3. Well, SearX works most of the time because it aggregates results from the search engines of my choice. In case it doesn't work for any reason, I use DuckDuckGo.

1: If I were to guess i'd go with: Google, Youtube, Baidu, Yandex
2: Duckduckgo
3: I usually use, so if I don't find something, I remove the html part to go to the javascript site.

1. Google
2. DuckDuckGo
3. Search reddit or birbsite, which often have better non-ad results.


1. It's basically all Google around my contacts.

2. I'm increasingly using SearchMySite.Net, but for more general results (e.g. local businesses by name) I use DuckDuckGo.

3. Probably ask here or IRL.

Though really, I usually wait for pages to come to me (via my feedreader) now rather than proactively search for them. I've got enough feeds that this usually gets me what I want.


1: Google — most popular by far
2: Qwant — what I use
3: Bing — my backup

1. I think google is the only name I hear from non geeks
2. I use startpage or duck duck go
3. If it fails there I search stack overflow or wikipedia and if that failed I hit google

1: Google and Bing.

2: Combination between Startpage, Ecosia, and DuckDuckGo.

3: I refine my search query and hope I get what I want. Then Google as a last resort.

1. Probably bing, even though most people dont use it directly its used by alot of APIs out there

2. I currently use Brave, and used to use Qwant!

3. I'd either: reword the query or
use a different search engine (google, wikipedia, Github, basically anything that works w/ OpenSearch)
or if what i'm searching for is more personal or a subject of my insecurity, i tend not to search it at all in the first place, i just ask IRL ppl for advice 🤷


1. Google, and I hate it.

2. SearX (technically a meta-search engine, but a search engine nonetheless.)

3. StackOverflow if it's programming, Wikipedia if it's a thing/concept/place/whatever.

@novimatrem 1. Surely google is the most popular. Followed by Bing or something. 2. Disroot SearX is my main search engine. MetaGer mostly for image-searching in German, sometimes in French or Arabic. Qwant for other foreign-language images searches, especially if MetaGer fails to deliver. 3. Either give up or try MetaGer or Qwant, or Mojeek if I'm really enterprising. Startpage in times of desperation.

1. Google, with a dash of DDG
2. DDG, occasionally my personal Searx instance (which has most things that behave well enabled)
3. Ask on social media, ask personal contacts who might know, search social media type sites (depends on the problem i'm trying to solve/what i'm looking for)

@novimatrem 1. That question doesn't really need to be asked, does it? We all know what the statistics say. Unfortunate, but that's how it is.
2. Generally Startpage (basically just fancier Google) or DuckDuckGo (fancier Yahoo).
3. Use different terms, modifiers (quotation marks, OR, AND, etc.), try a different search engine, look on Wikipedia/RationalWiki/various forums, ask the Fedi, ask a friend if I know they have some education on the subject, etc. All depends on what I'm looking for and how important it is that I know it.

1. Google

2. Ecosia, but on my phone Startpage

3. I try it with the other of the two search engines mentioned on point 2. If that still does not work I use Searx. Still not working? Then I use Duckduckgo.

1. I think google is most popular.
2. I use duckduckgo
3. If I don't find what I wanted in a search, I reword it. For instance, "joggers" brings up pants, "jogging" brings up people jogging, "jogging at the park" brings more specific results.

2: usually I still google with google... And I am not really sure why (must be the same addictive substance as in potatoe chips), because
3: with DDG I often have better hits, especially when it is more geeky stuff I am looking for.

@novimatrem I use duckduckgolite, as that's the one whose site will load fastest. i use ddg bc both searx i used got poisoned with shit results. But normaly i just search on websites, like use wikipedia directly.

Depends on purpose. For technical/IT issues, Bing is best in my experience. Google does pretty fine, using it via startpage mayby good idea. Metager is pretty good at searches for science (bc it's made for).
I try out mojeek. I stopped using DDG.

@novimatrem 1 - Google
2 - Duckduckgo
3 - I use the !g on duckduckgo to make a google request

@novimatrem I have been using DuckDuckGo for almost 10 years.
The results are as good as with Google.
It does happen that I'm unsatisfied with the results, and in the past, I then sometimes tried a Google search instead, but it never led to anything better than my DuckDuckGo search.

@novimatrem @feonixrift

Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu
DuckDuckGo, plus Bing or Google for certain categories of things when DDG fails
That's rare, but usually ask a friend or colleague, or contact a librarian to help

1. Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing
2. Google
3. Google -this -"you know" "a fucking" mess
Honestly Google goes really deep into the websites they crawl. If the content hasn't been removed from its index then it's unbeatable when you're looking for something very, *very* specific. I wish I used DDG more often, but it's nowhere near as reliable. If I need something from a website that has a search engine, then I'll most likely use that.

1. Google, Bing playing out in the weeds of left field somewhere
2. Searx
3. DDG*

*If neither 2 or 3 deliver, I just assume its not important enough to find an answer. Im only human, I dont need to know the answer to every question I have. Sitting with a certain amount of discomfort is healthy.

@pixelherodev @novimatrem one may note thet it's possible to put wikipedia/archwiki's internal search engines into the browser.

@novimatrem google/DDG/I usually just google the thing if it didnt work on DDG which does sometimes happen

@novimatrem 1. not really, but I wanted to have an answer besides "google"

2. duckduckgo for business, for fun

3. My fallback plan is typically google reverse image search, which honestly is only barely functional

@novimatrem (what I want to use it for: tracing the source of an image. What google thinks I want to use it for: coming up with the vaguest possible keyword related to the image and a bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with it, but looks similar)

@Owlor @novimatrem Yandex has the best reverse image search, but it's in Russian
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