oh they took the lines and contrast out of menus in Firefox so autistic ass me won't realise where to click as quickly

fuck accessibility I guess

@novimatrem I hate this trend of removing lines and contrast so much

You might be able to hack some contrast back with userChrome, depending on where you want it

@novimatrem Them removing all icons from the menus is the most incomprehensible change to me


> they took the lines and contrast out of menus

I'm afraid I have no idea what you're referring to... Would you mind elaborating on this?

@mezzodrinker "modern" user interface updates have been taking outlines and contrast from menu options, between items, in lists, that makes it harder for me to work out, visually, and interact with.

it's harder for me to go through a list of things, that have no outlines, but highlight when i mouse over them, than it is for outlined lists that are more readable and have contrast between items

@novimatrem Ah, yes, the accessibility part I do understand, but I'm not quite sure on the (out-)lines and contrasts you were referring to in the context of Firefox. Even in Firefox ESR (= Firefox 78), I can't see any visual guides that help with differentiating menu items (apart from horizontal bar items, that is).

Is there something I need to enable/configure or am I just too blind to see what you mean? :blobcatTilt:

@mezzodrinker here's some examples of what i mean, it appears all over modern UI's, and now firefox has it too.. comparing new blog post and release to old on my system

@novimatrem Ah! Thank you for the screenshots, they illustrate what you mean very well :blobcatThumbsUp:

Honestly, while I would probably be fine with the line width and visibility, the low contrast looks a lot more problematic. The Proton UI looks less attractive by the minute (not that it was ever particularly attractive to me :blobcatUnamused:​).

@novimatrem If the trends continue, almost all software and web pages will be a blank gray canvas with gray text on it. I don't have autism but I do have astigmatism, so I too require some contrast, but at this point I doubt even the vitruvian man can read/use this stuff without any problems.

@cadadr @novimatrem It'll spin back around to 1990 styles soon, and we'll have buttons that are animated gifs of dancing squirrels

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