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Be sure to follow me in some other places I am on the fedi, so you don't miss anything..! 

i'm not a furry, really, i'm just like, literally a cat, which some may view as an advancement to the next step of furry, but which I view as a completely different thing- i do like furry art of some kinds, music, media, but i'm not really a furry

this one looks alright, not sure if i'll be able to convince my mother to get it me because she believes i'm stronger than i am because i put on a front around my parents because i don't want to worry them

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@twinkle I don't think I will be able to wait that long, and that a cane in the time-being will be useful

fat, me 

@novimatrem *hugs and gently squeezes the fat kitty*


@novimatrem im very tired and read that as "dick access time"

well, computer is randomly slow today again, doesn't play games very well today, oh well

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