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i tried all the linux distros out over the years and xubuntu is the best, i tried all the DE/WM's out over the years and xfce is the best

just my opinion

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meow~ I'm Novimatrem, or Novi, aka zoey

my pronouns are she/her/hers, I'm a trans girl, and I'm a cat- yes, really.

I mess around with making websites, sometimes software-like things, Linux is my one and only, and I'm trying (and struggling) to learn Python

big fan of open-source, technology, programming, computer hardware & software, games, I'd like to get into writing more

trying my best to make cool stuff for everyone, because that makes me happy



just trolling through the database for catgirls, manually fiddling with the php.

When someone tries to break your code but itโ€™s flawless

Would you please excuse me, i have to hug this stuffie friend for a few hours.

To developers: please don't make an unnessesary 2.0 type update.

Don't rewrite everything unless its really fucked up.

Don't screw up user's workflows every year.

They won't want to use your software.

Hey cis people if you wanna help the trans movement: ask cis people their pronouns even when no trans people are present if you're meeting them the first time or something

ok so since people are getting this confused:
69: terrorism number
420: sex number
911: the weed number

please, have some respect for the deceaseds family, the queen might be reading this danish gimp plugin developers forum

How do you prefer scrolling to work on a laptop? Comment with details/why, and please boost for reach!

@novimatrem the OldBooks actually had ports galore!

whatta concept, new apple


Apple Design Music Video - Exodus Honey

i don't know why but this video is very good and beautiful to me it gives me nostalgia for a time that I was too poor to even have had, very strange good feelings

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