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--, bad 

been awake 20 hours

in 3 hours time when the light goes away it will have been for nothing if im still left to remain sitting here by then

because what are plans and promises for, right?

just to torment me apparently

--, vague 

this is what happens when i try

every time

if i didn't try, if i didn't care, i'd not be in so much pain right now

why am i me..

@novichan There are very smart people working on the nouveau drivers, but there's also very smart people working against them. GPUs are very complicated and Nvidia delibrately hamstrings development of open-source drivers. Voicing your opinions to people that work at Nvidia to release documentation for older cards would also be a big way to help.

if you are smart, please go work on the nouveau driver, i'd like nvidia cards to work in many years to come, when nvidia have dropped support

even a 10 year old computer i have is a lot worse when nvidia recently dropped support for its graphics card, and nouveau isn't entirely there yet

reminder: the easiest way for malware to get into computers is still people downloading and running programs without really looking into them

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