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So, this book will have quoted sections in it. I am absolutely not looking forward to laying this out in InDesign when the time comes.

The next chapter of my vampire novella is on Patreon. Things are heating up and it includes the unique line of, "Since I’m not murdering him, I should at least put some clothing on. People don’t take you seriously when you’re naked."

I really don't like what I have been doing at work lately, but there is no one else here who knows as much as I do about this labyrinthian process.

At least I have D&D tomorrow after work.

I was worried I was going to go into shutdown mode when I got the book out, and while there was some of that, I have gotten some stuff done.

Writing is like an endurance hunt for me. I gotta keep chasing those ideas until they get tired and I can capture them on paper.

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I haven't been as productive as I wanted to be since I published "Scars of the Golden Dancer," but I realized today I have written three short stories and part of a novella in the last six months. I am only averaging 3-4,000 new words a month, but I am still moving forward.

I applied to deal at MFF. Hopefully they accept me.

In my defense for this strange writing process, the sex scene did come out really sexy. The book isn't all sadness and loss.

Next book, something joyful.

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I'm doing some editing on my vampire novella to funerary violin music.

I have a publishing issue I don't know how to solve. I have an ebook for Knotty Works set up in IngramSpark, but apparently Amazon doesn't want to carry it. They're carrying the print book. Barnes and Noble actually has both versions. I don't know what I can do to solve this.

It's possible the title and content got it flagged in some way, but at this point, it appears Knotty Works won't ever be on Kindle.

I need a place to stay for two days during my trip next month, and I could rent a yurt in the woods that doesn't have internet It has a composting toilet, no shower, no TV, no internet, but it does have electricity. It is like camping indoors with power.

Today I get to try out my new D&D character. I'm playing an elf rogue who is a 107 year old fuck up. This will be fun.

book bans and homophobica 

I'm not saying some things aren't for children. There will always be media you shouldn't see until your adult, but there are people out there who are attacking everything that doesn't match their strict moral views. LGBTQ+ representation is just the first thing they're after.

Also, to be clear, we never gambled in day camp. I played enough poker as a child to not want to gamble money on cards as an adult.

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book bans and homophobica 

If a parent doesn't approve of card games, I can see them demanding a book where kids play cards be removed. Also, once they run out of children's books to complain about, they'll start on adult books, which they already have, in places where LGBTQ+ representation is shown.

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book bans and homophobica 

The focus of this issue is currently LGBTQ+ representation in books, but it will expand to include all sorts of stuff where kids do anything their parents don't approve of. As a kid, we played card games at day camp when we were bored. Let's consider that shown in a kids book.

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book bans and homophobica 

As a child, books were one of the things I loved the most about growing up. The scholastic book faire was always a fun time.

Now we're creating a culture where books are the enemy just because they dare to show a different world than their own to the children.

It is Friday, I am done with the day job, and I am so ready for this weekend. There will be cleaning, editing, and general wolf nonsense going down over here.

I am apparently a fount of weird book recommendations.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my table at Megaplex. I had a great time, and I hope you enjoyed my panels if you got to attend them. As currently planned, my next con will MFF in December.

Update on myself. The medication has helped a lot, but now I have the same problem in my other ear. Seeing my doctor today.

Fadel is trying to help me sell books and also wants to know when I am taking the tag in his ear off. He isn't a beanie baby.

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