I am apparently a fount of weird book recommendations.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my table at Megaplex. I had a great time, and I hope you enjoyed my panels if you got to attend them. As currently planned, my next con will MFF in December.

Update on myself. The medication has helped a lot, but now I have the same problem in my other ear. Seeing my doctor today.


Fadel is trying to help me sell books and also wants to know when I am taking the tag in his ear off. He isn't a beanie baby.

Back on my paws after a visit to urgent care today. I have an ear infection, but now I have medication for it.

I'm looking at travel options for my trip in September, and I don't know how you can offer someone a 35-minute layover in Atlanta. Atlanta is big, and while I find it's easy to get around, that's going to require sprinting through the terminal.

Chapter 2 of my current novella project, "The Blood of Life," is up on Patreon for my patrons. This is an early look at my next book, and starts moving things ahead in the book.

"The Twilight of Life" is what I called this chapter.

Hunting picture search 

I went looking for a specific picture of a coyote I had seen, and it is distressing how instead of getting cute yote pics, I got videos of how to skin a coyote.

My parents finally have started making plans to inter my grandmother's ashes, and I will be going to Maine in September for the ceremony and memorial get together. She died just as the pandemic was kicking off, so it will be good to finally do this.

@xoagray @fopfox I'm so tired of this nonsense, especially with how Florida is going.

Hello Monday. I've written a flash horror story about some tweets I read, and it includes the phrase "non-Euclidean geometry" in the opening sentence. Yup.

I probably should have stayed in bed.

@xoagray I haven't been on as much, but I am still keeping it going.

71 sessions and over two years later, I finished my D&D campaign. Wow, what a journey this has been. As one of the players said, it's time for a long rest.

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