Thoughts about Twitter and new spaces 1/ 

There's a lot that I really love about the Fediverse. The fine-grained way to build a community leads to groups of like-minded people that can flourish while feeling safe, and that's pretty dang cool.

However by this very nature, one's audience is quite restricted. One fact implies the other. Virality (speaking relatively, here) is missing, and while that's a good thing in many contexts, its less than great for small creators trying to build an audience.

Thoughts about Twitter and new spaces 2/ 

I think this is an attitudinal thing more than it is mechanical (though I also have thoughts on that). So many of us saw virality as poison, and so we're resentful of it. We hesitate every time our fingers hover over the boost button, second-guessing whether or not we want to be seen as caving to that impulse to share.

'We', here, because even I'm guilty of this. We saw the failure of other solutions to build community, and narrowed our focus.

Thoughts about Twitter and new spaces 3/ 

We saw that failure and became so protective of the aspect of community and closed ourselves in to the point where it's easy and expected to block instances because of personal disputes. That makes the decision for our communities rather than the members, and leads creators to instance-hop (or, case in point, to set up single user instances, an admitted privilege).

'We' includes me! I don't want to use mastodon how I use Twitter.

Thoughts about Twitter and new spaces 4/ 

There is no fix. There probably shouldn't even be a fix! This isn't a place for creators, it's a place for communities, and that's fantastic.

But if you see creators balking at leaving Twitter, we at least have reason.

Thoughts about Twitter and new spaces 5/5 

I'd say 'consider boosting small creators' but that's not the right path. That's not what we're here for, and that's alright.

Consider, though, at least talking about the things you like. One of the only times I've gotten traction on a book here has been not from a boost or a post, but from someone talking about enjoying Qoheleth. Support through your words if it's uncomfortable to boost :blobcatheart:


Thoughts about Twitter and new spaces 5/5 

@makyo I think this is all very valid. Mastodon feels a bit like the early internet, something I miss, but something centered around small communities. That's great, but it doesn't get the word out for a creator about a project like being part of a big community can.

This is one of those areas I think a bit of balance is called for investing some time in both might be quite rewarding. That does though require energy, something not always in supply.

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