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I guess an is appropriate even though I created this account ages back.

I'm NightEyes DaySpring, a furry writer and coffee wolf. I write both erotic and non erotic fiction. I've been around writing in the fandom for a long time and recently published two books.

If you want to find me other places and see my work, I've got a digital card for that:

All right, I did promotion stuff for my books, and now I have a busy day ahead of me. Maybe I can lie here for a bit like this.

Promo stuff 

Sale runs through the end of the month.

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Promo stuff 

For Furry book Month, I'm offering 20% off on all orders through my online store for my novel and my collection. Plus, you get a bookmark and two stickers with every order. Go to and use the coupon code FBM.

I have been looking for another job, and I feel bad about that sometimes. I have a place here, but I also know I could do a lot better. Also, I commissioned this piece from SilentRavyn because of work, and I have days at work when this is how I feel.

Silent's Twitter:

technology being weird 

Today in technology being weird, is this a bus, or am I robot?

A reference to Marcus Aurelius and stoic philosophy has appeared in my vampire novella. I did not expect to this happen, but now it has. It makes sense though if you are a 125 year old vampire you have had some time to read.

Kicking off Furry Book Month, debuting at MFF 2022 and available for pre-order now, "When the World Was Young," a prehistoric anthology containing 14 stories by 14 talented writers, including myself.

Cover art by

Today is national coffee day. My moment has come. Give me your coffee!*

* Within reason of course.

Tonight on D&D we are handling an infernal Cerberus puppy that decided to jump into an oven and refused to leave since it is immune to fire. Thus this prompted the comment from my character of, "I'm going to go get the dog out of the oven."

It has been a process also, because I just now had an idea that will make the climax of this story so much better.

Holy #### is that a good idea.

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One of my goals with this project was to write something much quicker that it took me to write "Scars of the Golden Dancer" with some length to it but scoped at a smaller scale. At the current pace, I will be releasing this in 2023. From start to finish, that will be two years.

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I am optimistic I will have a complete draft of this novella by the end of the year. I wanted to be done sooner, but the idea has taken some time to germinate.

I should finally talk about the coming hurricane.

It's not looking good for Florida. Where I'm located should be okay. We may lose power, but I think we'll be okay. Other area though are going to get hit really bad. If you're in the path of this storm, take precautions.

I have discovered scrivener has themes, so now I've got it set up in a dark mode.

It's late September, which means hoodie weather is here, except I live in Florida. It is still t-shirt and shorts weather, so I get to look at my hoodie longingly.

The song Glycerine is the anthem for a part of my life in a way I don't think I can explain to anyone else but that one friend who gets it. We used to sing it when we talked on the phone sometimes.

I did get a room for MFF, but the people I know who were planning to drive to Chicago who said they would take my books up did not.

If you wanted to get my adult short story collection, Amazon currently has it for half off.

I used to say I had been writing seriously since 2010, but my first short story sale was in 2002. So I started saying I've been writing furry fiction for twenty years, which is also a lie. I have stuff from 1995/1996 in this stack of papers. It's not good, but it does exist.

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