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I guess an is appropriate even though I created this account ages back.

I'm NightEyes DaySpring, a furry writer and coffee wolf. I write both erotic and non erotic fiction. I've been around writing in the fandom for a long time and recently published two books.

If you want to find me other places and see my work, I've got a digital card for that:

It's scary working with talented people sometimes. They'll do things sometimes you can just gawk at in awe. I don't want to say what this is, but you guys are going to love this when it comes out in about three weeks. It will hit you in the feels.

I got a note today I caused someone to stay up late so they could finish "Scars of the Golden Dancer." Having done this a lot myself with books I enjoy, I have a little extra wag in my step today.

The problem with me using a standing desk is sometimes there is dancing that occurs on the job due to the music I'm listening to.

I'm looking over fragments of things I've started writing in the last few months and I've got files titled:

The Ferals
Midnight in the Dust of a Fallen World
The Badgers Where in the Fridge Again

Right, I forgot about the badger idea.

CW: Adult D&D Humor 

My players in D&D tonight: "Listen, dragons and tentacles are something that should be explored separately."

Help me... I have to DM this party.

I could go for a nap this morning. I woke up. I made coffee. I can go back to bed right?

Oh right, I have a job. Damn.


I'm running a poll on Twitter, and I'd appreciate your vote if you've got an account over there, ir respond here and I'll add that to the total when it's over.

I waited to test tonight and both the fiancé and I tested negative.

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I guess I need to just pick a project and set a hard deadline and go for that.

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One problem with finally publishing a novel I worked on and off with for eleven years is I'm having trouble deciding what should be my next major project and really engaging with it. Scars of the Golden Dancer was such a focus of my time for so long it's weird that it's now done.

I do have a novella I'm working on, but there are some other ideas that have come to me. I also have a collection to do that needs more content for it. And there's a sequel to write.

I've been hearing about COVID cases from FWA, which doesn't surprise me. I will be taking a rapid test tonight when I get home.

Grabbing breakfast before heading out from FWA. My first FWA was in 2006, and it was my first con. This was my 15th FWA.

Whoa... I have been here a lot.

They let me have a Cuban coffee at FWA. Coffee wolf is about ready to be 110% awake.

Good morning FWA! I will be doing the fantasy fiction panel at 10 AM in panel room A705. I know it is early, but I look forward to seeing people there.

I have snuck books next to the LEDs at Othello Rysingson's table.

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