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kitten.exe @netkitty

mew!! look what i can do!

*stares at wall*

*wiggles butt*

*runs at wall*

*clips through wall, disappears to other side*

no one can stop me now >:3

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@netkitty Is your name Pixel, and did you feature in one of Robert Heinlein's last novels?

@netkitty *applies latest update patch to wall to fix glitches*

*you are now stuck on the other side* >:333

@lighttrax mew! :< let me out! *runs around*

@netkitty awh gosh im sorry kitty *enables dev mode and extracts you out onto my lap*

@MightyPork oooh! how did you do that? ..are you ok?


There... there was a catflap. You didn't have to break the universe, you could have gone through the catflap...

@netkitty oh so you're a breath of the wild cat