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should probably make a new for the new account, even if ive been here before

i’m moss! it/they pronouns, i’m 19 and i’m a compsci major. i draw cats a lot! recently been trying to learn how to use unity. i’d like to learn crochet at some point too. sometimes i animate but college often sucks out the energy & motivation i have for that. i like stuffed animals and cat pictures!

a very important reminder; you do not have to surround yourself in politics. you do not have to constantly be a part of the fight. you are allowed to step away. in fact you should have places you can step away to look after your mental health. even if you are someone who wants to fight, you can’t help others if your mental health is in the gutter

what the new pokemon go feature was designed to do: help players encounter more pokemon
what the new pokemon go feature actually does:

moneyrequest update, credit card bill, we have 2 weeks left. :boost_requested: 


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anti-profit incentive shitposting 

i think i’m gonna do this. this has to exist and if it doesn’t i will make it exist

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anti-profit incentive shitposting 

has anyone made a meme of a screenshot of AO3 with “yo why they writing with no profit incentive” in impact font over it. i feel like this must’ve been done by now

Hey, my partner and I are escaping an abusive household, but while we haven't moved out just yet, we're essentially paying 2 rents at the same time (with the deposit and getting money together for first rent and such) and paying for packing materials and other things, so we're running very short on money despite our best efforts atm.

If you could spare the money to donate, we'd really appreciate it, thanks.

won by exactly one point, even though I got 1st place in all end-of-round goals? i guess the 8 and 9 point bird cards are better than i thought they were

subpost but not negative 

wish i could talk to the russian speakers on here but I'm only halfway through the Duolingo Russian course right now

and that isn't very much, since Duolingo only teaches basics, not full fluency

i wonder how hard it would be to code a gumroad/ko-fi shop clone

(thread missing CW) fediblock, harassment, actionable to instance admins 


so apparently the chipmunks in the backyard have been taking sunflower seeds from the bird feeder and burying them in the flower planters, so now we have a bunch of sunflower sprouts

not sure how well they’ll do due to being planted so late in the summer, but sunflowers would be nice to have

why is this website partially translated like this??? what

grumbling about modern web design and drive-by link drop posts 

"Hey read this really important thing" okay... except upon clicking the link I get a cookie consent grey-out modal, an animated newsletter prompt, another modal warning vee my browser is out of date (It's not, your website is bad), a giant "Article after the jump!" ad (blocked, leaving a white gap in the page).

The page content then moves 6 times as on_load() scripts fire changing the DOM, frustrating vee as I chase what I'm trying to read up and down the page with my eyes.

After scrolling the article has a tell-nothing title then begins with 3 paragraphs of Thompsonesque prose and I have to hunt for where the actual content begins.

Link better sources. I'm begging you. Or at least summarize what you're linking.

uspol, action for cis folks (tw: transphobia) 

there is a proposed rule that expands title IX to, among other things, explicitly restrict policies that prevent students from participating on the basis of their gender identity. this is a huge thing that will help block anti-trans sports bans.

the comments are being absolutely flooded with TERFy/transphobic trash (trans friends pls be very careful, it's bad).

go submit a comment in support of this amendment:

USA, testosterone recall info 

if you're taking testosterone cypionate injections, check if you have any vials from lot HAC3427A.

pharmacies ought to be reaching out directly if they dispensed anything from this lot, but, y' know, they might miss some.

recall details here:

(boosts good)

autistic trans girl needs grocery money, pls boost 

hey I'm sam, autistic and trans and living alone struggling to find work but I really need a bit of money so I can eat this week. I'm down to a few packets of ramen and 2 dollars so anything helps really!!!

cashapp: $digitalcreature

#mutualaid #mutualaidrequest #transcrowdfund

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