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Hi there, creatures! I'm Moo, your friendly local lesbrarian goat gal. I'm a sporadic digital artist who mostly draws cats and furries. I love gardening, indie games, guinea pigs, and pink/purple aesthetics.
You can find me on various other sites here:
My (perpetually under construction) website is here:

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food, knives 

My fursona, Moo: a soft, fluffy goat. Peppy, genuine, jack-of-all-trades.

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Aaah I totally forgot to make an post oops. Here's the icon I made for this year!

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If you're interested in getting more engaged with plants in your day to day, here are some ideas to help you get started:

- learn about basic plant structures and plant families
- make a list of the plant foods you eat, or consume/interface with through other products
- try to identify what parts of the plant food you are eating, and their plant families
- pick one plant you see regularly and start a plant diary about your relationship with them. Doodle them. Write poetry for them. Imagine them in the winter. Introduce them to a friend.
- pick several varieties of one plant, potato, eggplant, apples, and try to get a sense for what varieties you like the best. Try to figure out what aspects you like the most, or don't, or what they share.
- trade a family recipe with a friend and ask each other about the food plants used and where they came from
- if you are ever passing through a place, use an app like Seek by iNaturalist to participate in citizen science to identify and document plants that make up your surroundings

Fungi are a little more ephemeral (some are only visible for a few moments) but many of these still apply!

#florespondence #sporespondence @plants

CMY Saber

Terms: Payment via USD Paypal invoice. Once purchased, these designs can be freely modified, transferred to other lines, used in ARPGs/closed species, change color/species/etc. Please do not resell for a profit or use in hateful contexts. Adopts will be held for confirmation of payment for 24 hours, after which the design will be put back up for adoption. Base by PartTimePuppy.

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Putting two designs for adoption! 20 each. Comment here or on to offer.

Happy Pride! Throw bricks and kiss yr friends.

I left a doodle for the first person to put a hold on River at my library. From left to right: Flamepaw, Frostpaw, and Sunbeam.

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