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introduction (pt 2) 

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ok so guys I'm officially done with college. I'm currently on summer break now

what do I do now

srsly I feel like I have so much to do because of school even tho I'm doing literally nothing productive

god this is probably the only birthday I've ever had where I don't care about it anymore

hey I think it's about time I actually start being active here.

I think my fear of being shit on for having political views is completely gone. thank god.

I think I have to have an animal crossing profile pic now because I think all the characters are cute and I'm a furry.

except I don't know which one to choose

fucking with gender is epic but I wish I didn't have to think about it like every day of my life.

fam I just wanna like talk about cool shit but being inside is getting annoyingly annoying

politics rant-ish 

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Hey, 1 April heads up! Also known as April Fool's Day.

Don't be a douchebag.

Jokes are fine. It's good to laugh! We could all use some humor, especially nowadays.

But label your misinfo. Still CW sensitive topics. Don't make anyone feel bad for reading your post, please. :boost_ok:

steven universe meta (coming from someone who never watched the show ever) 

mental health, VERY insensitive and hurtful 

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mental health, VERY insensitive and hurtful 

meta, nsfw mention I think (-) 

I really wish I could be cute and cuddly with all y'all, but I'm way too nervous >.<

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so it sounds like I can make like a short demo of a song in like 1 hour.
that's actually pretty good


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when you accidentally misgender yourself

conservative econ talking points 

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covid related, conservative econ talking points 

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