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introduction (pt 2) 

so aside from being overtly political for no real reason...

I usually love working with computers (linux ftw) and math stuff as well. I'm also a music producer in my free time, and I'd say I have quite a bit of knowledge with that stuff.

also I like to draw sometimes but I'm like really bad at it. I really wanna git gud :<

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hey guys! I used to be on this instance by the name of poleroyd, and I've been switching instances here and there, but I plan on staying on this instance for a while.

my goal here is to just make some new friends and be all cute and cuddly, while we're all being nice and respectful.

I hope I have a fun time here!

also hey I'm tired and haven't done any homework yesterday. amazin

I'm gonna be honest, whenever I see anyone describe their sexuality and gender in their bio, my mind just phases out, because I know I'd be accepting of anyone regardless of how they express themselves

only thing I pay attention to are pronouns honestly

political ideologies 

I'm willing to accept all forms of libertarianism, including anarchism, minarchism, and so on. I'm not willing to accept so-called libertarians who still wish to discriminate people based on arbitrary characteristics.

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how can sexuality be real if sex isn't real

should I set up XMPP even tho none of my friends know what it is, let alone how to use it?

bad psychology 

I just realized the oNLY reason why the "human nature" argument comes up when talking about arguments against communism, that idea LITERALLY only came from Freud. and I guess Hobbes

since both of these people said humans are just naturally evil, and they only act civil because of authority.
glad these people are widely discredited in psychology. thank fuck

birdsite rant 

okay so I'm back I guess but I think I need to cure myself from birdsite troubles and just, stop thinking about birdsite for a while.

what if I just... disable my account over there

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you don't hate sports, you hate the way men have ruined being a sports fan


like I hear about everyone doing online classes this fall but I'm literally here expected to go back on campus.

I seriously hope they end up changing their minds and I don't have to go anywhere.

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so my tuition is already payed for with my scholarships and loans I've already applied for, but for some reason, I still have to pay for food and housing.

because for SOME REASON, I'm supposed to physically go to my dorm...



woah I love how companies offer discounts just because I'm in college. it truly shows how companies truly do care about their userbase!


hey if you use neopronouns, I recommend you list them as 3 words instead of 2, because that's how pronouns work in english at least.

it's not he/him, it's he/him/his for instance.


I have no reason to switch instances cuz everyone here is kind so far, and it's not like I'm missing out on anything from another instance, so what the heck?

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how the hell do I only have 12 followers after several months of having this account

no I don't think I got hacked, we good

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2333. COVID Risk Chart 

title text: First prize is a free ticket to the kissing booth.


hard to do* omg can I please be more focused for once.

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enby day 

I know yesterday was non-binary day but I for whatever reason didn't say anything about it. tho I find it funny how I came out publicly on birdsite about my preferred pronouns, which I thought was hard to use.

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