@mileskitaro i feel like im influencing u (this is fuckin gorgeous)

@mileskitaro This is so dang clever

This is the kind of thing I'd totally wear on a shirt, I love stealth nerd stuff

@mileskitaro My :suicune:​ t-shirt arrived today! If you ever make designs for :entei:​and I, I look forward to rounding out my set with shirts of them as well [though I may wait until they're both ready to save on shipping].

@raikou oh nice thank you, I do want to make the others at some point

@mileskitaro Do you think #OpArt would be a more fitting style for me or for my main man #Entei?

Legendary Beasts in (post-)modern #art forms

@raikou definitely you Raikou, your stripes and geometric shapes would work nicely with an optical illusion look (assuming that's what opart is ^^;)

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