i learned the hard way about how messed up torus topology is when trying to sew new headphone cups, it is impossible to turn them inside out once every seam is sewn together partially

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is there a way to see what instances are blocked by any specific instance? or do the admins have to publish the blacklist for that info to be available

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went through thisfursonadoesnotexist.com/ and tried to make sense of some of the more highly abstracted generated fursonas

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gaming, poll inside, :boost_requested: 

Kinda curious whether the so-called "AAA" game companies are right on this. Admittedly, this sample is almost certainly biased, but:

Would you prefer to play a singleplayer-only game, a singleplayer game with a multiplayer mode, or a "Live Service"?

For the sake of this poll, let's assume all three options will offer their own take on any genre or gameplay concept you care to throw at them.

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during a summer break from college in like 2014?, I had to spend it at my dads house who had no internet at the time (i also didnt have a smart phone), but i had an offline copy of the entirety of homestuck at the time and i must have reread it 4 times

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