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primarily english language computer users: what keyboard layout do you use?

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Have you tried NewPipe?
NewPipe is a FOSS alternative Front-End for Android to the YouTube app that blocks ads, trackers, and the need to sign up/login to a Google account.

It is light-weight, saves data, respects your privacy, allows downloads in various formats, along with most other features from the YouTube app.


Download from F-Droid:

It's also available for Android TV!


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you can get rid of one and only one. you have no way of knowing what will fill the void left, but the platform you elect is immediately closed to new posts and the founders and executives are barred from ever being involved in making a website again. which do you pick?

This domain registrar (Namecheap) does plane-ticket style scumfuckery if you spend too long looking at their list of available domains.

After clicking Make Offer, it prompts you to offer a minimum of $200 from the "domain owner". Then, it adds an addition 20$ for a negotiation fee.

If you clear your cache, the website is magically up for sale again.

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grumbling about modern web design and drive-by link drop posts 

"Hey read this really important thing" okay... except upon clicking the link I get a cookie consent grey-out modal, an animated newsletter prompt, another modal warning vee my browser is out of date (It's not, your website is bad), a giant "Article after the jump!" ad (blocked, leaving a white gap in the page).

The page content then moves 6 times as on_load() scripts fire changing the DOM, frustrating vee as I chase what I'm trying to read up and down the page with my eyes.

After scrolling the article has a tell-nothing title then begins with 3 paragraphs of Thompsonesque prose and I have to hunt for where the actual content begins.

Link better sources. I'm begging you. Or at least summarize what you're linking.
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Got to go to a ferret playdate with @mileskitaro and my former roommates and meet their ferrets.

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I'd highly recommend watching Pattricia Taxxon's latest video essay, especially if you're an artist. I'm not even an artist, but watching it makes me want to start making art.

dammn I have really been working 10 hour days

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got surprised seeing how many people downloaded my gamecube joystick model (at least 100)

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i'm gonna be streaming making an icon and then maybe art fight stuff later

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