dear god the javascript you put in our browsers to introduce interactivity to the web is being used to make runtime environments for standalone applications 😥

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me with microphone: what is Mario's last name

Joe Biden: [distracted by a bird] "what? the Super guy?" [tries to remember where Italy is]

me: yes

Joe Biden: "that's his last name"

me: ...what is his first name

[secret service puts me in a chokehold and i am escorted from the premises]

I was trying to figure out the source code to a program and being very confused until I realized I was looking at the last major version's repo the entire time

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long post, 'Twidere' app 

Twidere X is the 'revamped' version of this app, but it has very little customization compared to the original, and suffers because of it (you can't view all notifications/timelines for all accounts at once, you have to switch accounts), but it does support instance emojis.

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long post, 'Twidere' app 

-The settings manhandling:

- - You need to disable battery optimization in its android settings to get any push notifications

- - It checks for notifs every 15 minutes by default; can go down to 3 minutes

- - Have to enable Media Previews option to see any media w/o having to tap to load

-Custom instance emojis are not supported(!!!): )

- It can't give notifs for Twitter likes/retweets, only mentions (this is an unavoidable thing twitter did to be shitty)

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long post, 'Twidere' app 

I've been using the Twidere app for a bit and here's my thoughts:

-Can be logged in with multiple twitter and mastodon accounts at once

-Customizable tabs, like tweetdeck columns

-Can have multi-account mixed timelines (tweets and toots in 1 column)

-No ads or algorithmic junk posts from Twitter

-Has a "read from bottom" mode

-Can post to multiple accounts at once (I've had problems posting media though)

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so neopets has been funding an NFT metaverse scam, and they released a trailer for a game today. it tries pretty hard to look like a game, having low-poly models and these UI mockups, but there's no actual gameplay.

Check out 'Pet Name' the 'Pet Type' and their 2 mouse cursors

I saw people on tumblr dunking on vegans like "who cares if we kill and eat PREY animals, that's what they're for"

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