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charcoal drawing (I just felt like CWing this) 

decided to fuck around with openGL making 3d graphics using GLFW but it turned out to be way more complicated than I thought it would be 😩

I'm cursed to only be able to write programs in C because the compiler doesn't give a fuck that you're doing pointer arithmetic πŸ˜”

never mind, I can't deal with this shit

took me forever to realize this is what I had to do 😀 😀 😀

"Henry Ford is the other guy, along with Robert Moses, whom you can kind of trace all of the bad things back to"

rust's borrow checker makes me want to murder

and by murder I mean go back to C and use malloc and NULL checking and valgrind memcheck for memory leaks

someone tell me if studying data structures and algorithms again and learning lisp to get a better job is a waste of time

naked anthro 

rate my fish (friendly interactive shell) function:

function change-extension
set old $argv[1]
set new $argv[2]
for file in (ls | grep -E ".$old\$")
mv $file (echo $file | rev | cut -c (math (string length $old)+1)- | rev)$new

just found out today that angular sends console.log events to the web browser's console and not to the terminal 😩

just found out that microsoft releases an ide called vs code with telemetry enabled by default and with their proprietary license on their website, and they have the source on github so they can claim to be β€œopen source”, but you actually need a bunch of scripts from an unofficial git repo to actually compile it into a branding-and-telemetry-free foss executable since their github page has no build instructions πŸ˜‚

I tried out tekken 3 at an arcade to play something besides sound voltex and now I'm playing it on mednafen trying to learn how to get good πŸ˜”

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