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ok now it works 😊 this is the full drawing of my profile pic that I did last week

reading a website on game design and it's reassuring to know that all the shit I learned in school is helpful for this sort of thing, rather than it being a giant waste of money 🙂

as I reach my first month of trying to find a tech job, I consider living in my parents' basement and drawing furry porn to pay off my student loans

@MadestMadness sorry this took so long, it was one of those "I don't want to fuck up this drawing so I won't work on it today" sort of things 😫

tell me if I should change anything

my first gba game is a port since I already know exactly how the gameplay should work and there's no story or characters to make up, but I still need to have it play sound and actually have a stepchart/simfile and make it look prettier

@MadestMadness so I finally tried spacemacs
do you just have an emacs window open for every file you want to edit or do you have one giant emacs session that has a bunch of buffers? I like how in (neo)vim you can just take over a terminal window and not have to fork it to the background and then just split things or start new tabs for more files. spacemacs seems cool though, since I never bothered to write in "vimscript" and the .spacemacs syntax does seem more readable

that feel when the way you portion aldi spinach bags doesn't divide evenly into four per bag (to fit the four-per-unit division of some other ingredient you use) so you have to buy two but that means you have too much spinach so it wilts and turns gross 😔 😩

I have an idea for a simple GBA game to do as a project for embedded software programming experience and game programming experience since the GBA can handle C programming instead of requiring mostly assembly but I'm wondering if working with such an old platform which has tools from like 2005 is a bad idea and I should use newer PC-based libraries or if I should just do it

got some fixative for my artworks but the label says it can thoroughly fuck you up if you breathe it so now I'm considering getting an ABEK filter and using my gas mask with it

me for the tenth time in a year or so and never following through: "I'm gonna make a video game"

wanted to buy more art supplies but the art store is closed today 😢

have something dumb I slapped together, with the drawing by 'retros'

something strange I've thought about is how with drawing, determining what I want to draw is easy. I just imagine something I want to see on a piece of paper, and I go about drawing it. but with music I have no idea what the process is for composing it. it just seems spontaneous.

graduated from school but now I have to learn how web dev works because I need to pay off my debt 🙃

gay snake face (don't hurt me for it being a shitty phone camera photo of a line sketch I haven't drawn in a while ok)

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