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ok now it works 😊 this is the full drawing of my profile pic that I did last week

I'm really enjoying reading *the dispossessed* by ursula le guin. I didn't expect it to be so engrossing and so realistic in portraying a fundamentally different society to ours with its own problems. it almost feels like a far-off lost future, in a way. I feel like I could probably discuss this novel at length and I'm still only halfway done with it.

got this weird depressed feeling after I finished my senior project when I realized that I won't be working on any more cool school projects anymore

so now I need to work on some other project outside of school immediately or I'll probably fall into some depressive slump

ended up taking the source code from the guy who wrote it, making a makefile for it and changing a few things around, compiling it on my linux laptop (linux >> windows), implementing my audio shit as an anonymous function running on a separate thread and voila! everything works except I have to send a SIGTERM when quitting the game! (is there a way to do it in the program so no one notices it while playing? dirty way would be "popen(pkill [name of program])" but I feel that's too dirty…)

one and a half weeks of class left : )

tried to fix the threading error by avoiding threads since the library I'm using probably fucks something up without me knowing it but now I'm having malloc errors and I'm pretty sure it's because the library I'm using isn't very well-written 😩

there's this thread I'm calling for a program, and this thread gets to the end of its execution (I checked with lazy printf statements πŸ˜‰ ) but when I try to join it with the main program or just detach it it hangs the entire program such that it never terminates without me sending SIGTERM (ctrl+c) πŸ™ƒ 😀 😩

EAGLE on 2-layer PCB mode is my current favorite puzzle game

so because the project for the only class I need to pass to graduate is due in no less than a week and then I have to write a final report and presentation for the week after that I'll be πŸƒ from all my internet time waste activities for the next couple weeks πŸƒπŸ’¨ bye

people instantiating things in C++ as thing{value}; instead of thing = value; confuses me πŸ™

I hope the PCB for our project doesn't explode (with noise) because we didn't isolate the analog and digital power supplies πŸ˜₯

when you have 2 weeks left to haul ass and finish your senior project so that you can finally leave university and get on with your life πŸ€ͺ

someone wants to commission me for a drawing but I have never done a commission and I kinda don't want to go through the trouble of feeling responsible for some piece of work and what money I'd get from them but I don't wanna just go like "sorry but I'm not gonna do your thing"

that tfw when your drawing books don't have that much info on how to draw the soles of the feet πŸ˜•

working on a project with BJTs and I wish there was a way to just intuitively guess what the fuck the resistor values mean since I didn't really do much circuit stuff in my previous years of school 😩

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πŸ€” having trouble drawing faces from weird angles such that it doesn't look ugly (as if the viewer's perspective was them looking up from below the subject's line of sight) and want to know if anyone else has that sort of trouble 😩

maybe I should try subtractive synthesis instead πŸ™ƒ sounds like an organ instead of a theremin

ok now it works 😊 this is the full drawing of my profile pic that I did last week

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