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hoping that I stop having trouble falling asleep and waking up in the middle of the night soon 🙃

not sure if I should get
1. a car with great gas mileage
2. a car with a better engine but it has lesser gas mileage (4/3 [not a fraction] mpg less) and it's about 10% more expensive
3. a sports car that looks cool and obviously drives best with the same gas mileage as the second car but it uses premium gas and it's 40% more expensive than the first

nudity, gore 

before closing firefox: 6 GB used memory, 1 GB free
after closing firefox: 1 GB used memory, 6 GB free

when I ask people if they want me to draw something I imagine it'll be some kind of challenge, but what seems to end up happening is they're too scared to bring up some flaw so they just accept them, which is bullshit since it's art, not some consumer good I'm giving out for "free" or something 😤 😤 😤

fuck the commodification of furry art 😠

need someone who'd be fine with telling me if something I draw looks like shit

got a job but it's in ohio
wish I could convince someone to move in so I won't be alone 😩

need some kind of easel so my neck doesn't hurt staring down at a desk while drawing 😩

why is it that when I draw I do nicely for a bit but then my drawings get worse so I get discouraged and stop drawing for a while 😔 😞

I've been drawing lots of kinky stuff lately, but I'm not sure if I should post it here, since it's a pretty weird kink 🤔

I feel bad about how stallman's free software rhetoric was co-opted and commodified by rich people 😔

where do I get an Agile™ so I can get a job??

internet archive is down 😔 😩 😞

found my 11 year old slackware installation CD set that I remember taking from some used electronics warehouse

reading a website on game design and it's reassuring to know that all the shit I learned in school is helpful for this sort of thing, rather than it being a giant waste of money 🙂

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