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charcoal drawing (I just felt like CWing this) 

just found out that microsoft releases an ide called vs code with telemetry enabled by default and with their proprietary license on their website, and they have the source on github so they can claim to be “open source”, but you actually need a bunch of scripts from an unofficial git repo to actually compile it into a branding-and-telemetry-free foss executable since their github page has no build instructions 😂

I tried out tekken 3 at an arcade to play something besides sound voltex and now I'm playing it on mednafen trying to learn how to get good 😔

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Draw lizards and birds with boobs. It'll improve ya life

just remembered there was a guy who made a file system and killed his wife and now I just found out his eligibility for parole starts this january 🤔

I fixed the muzzle, now I'm calling it a spitz 😂

did a dog wolf thing (technically a samoyed but I probably fucked that up)

if u think about it…
isn't the concept of needing a car to get anywhere very strange?
like you'd think cities would be designed to be able to walk in since walking is the most straightforward way to move around,
but instead in america you have to invent an arcane signaling system and take up massive amounts of space so that people can get into gas powered vehicles that cause tens of thousands of people to die every year just to go anywhere

got angry thinking about cars again 😔 😤

tried to install parabola with openrc but it turns out sway (i3 replacement using wayland) requires libinput which depends on systemd, so I'm not sure if I should just use systemd (even though people complain about it) or find another WM 😔

really not looking forward to setting up LUKS and EFI again, last time I did so it was a huge pain

charcoal drawing (I just felt like CWing this) 

wondering what I should do with my old laptop (thinkpad t420) now that I got a new laptop

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anthro insect drawing, mantid 

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