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Introduction, SFW furry art 

Hello yes could I possibly get a bit more than a couple short hours of sleep please

The demon mutt must sleep for work, but instead the demon mutt has chewed up a lighter

When I get online it's time for D E M O N P O S T I N G

Butane in translucent blue lighters looks really tasty

really bad mental health, suicidality mention 

Billie Eilish: *Writes "Bury a Friend"*
Me, a mentally ill fuck: Mood
Me, but the smart half: Is this literal child ok.

fandom drama, idk if I even need to cw this or not 

Its absolutely pissing rain here enough to flood the place I was working at so the drive was very appreciated, even if we went much further east than I needed.

I just rode in one of my AV company's bigass trucks and that was pretty. But watching my coworker drive it through the downtown core during noon traffic was stress.

Mao Mao: I am cool and pretty.
Me: Wow I wish that were me.

My roommate just thought I was gonna drink the salad dressing. I had the salad in my OTHER HAND.

Ive been actively sleep depriving myself for days on end grinding for work and now I just slept good and unfortunately too good and it's now almost 5pm.

I'm an adult and therefor I drink my whiskey in hot chocolate with marshmallows.

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