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Introduction, SFW furry art 

Me: I'm not into Homestuck anymore
Also me: Sup I'm mechanicalMelancholy and I'm listening to Heir of Grief

covid-19, financial stress, angry 

covid, meta psa 

covid-19, SARS ment, financial, vent 

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covid-19, financial, vent 

Vent, hrt, Covid-19 

I am but a grumpy, demonic energy-based lifeform and I cannot change this.

Sometimes I feel the need to beg for some peace and quiet in my own home.

My world's been falling apart. Let me have some hush time to process it.

angry, at nobody in particular 

God i grow more and more concerned about people with every day.
And also more nervous to leave my room.

I love naps, I'm exhausted.
Wish I was allowed to nap sometimes

vent, money stress, COVID-19 ment 

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