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My gf has been asleep the whole trip, I've been stuck awake, my headphones are busted, and the bus is misophonia hell rn.
Fuck me.

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After a couple days of Delaware coastline adventures I have returned to the land of everyone hating everyone else, New Jersey

Me going through Upstate New York: God I'm never doing this again, I'll fly down next time, this state goes on forever, it's just trees everywhere, we're going so slow!
Me going through Pennsylvania: This isn't so bad, the mountains are really nice and the bus is moving quick.

I feel like such a loser because I've literally never been outside of canada before, for real. So the fact that I just bought myself something - even if it was a little coffee - with a currency foreign to me without looking like a complete dolt is pretty great.

I got the best seat on this whole bus. Top level, front row, nobody beside me. Hell yes.

today is the day, holy shit.
Now I really need to finish getting ready and go finish the errands first.

My non-furry girlfriend just threatened to put me in the shelter

I cannot FUCKING believe that the Robots movie was about the class war all along holy SHIT

So it’s just a bit after 1am on Thursday. Today when I wake up I clean the apartment. And then on Friday I finish my last bit of packing, feed my geckos and run off to go get my bus that evening headed down to the US border.

I get to see my girlfriend for the first time since July of this past year. I’ve been going a little stir crazy as the date has drawn closer, unable to sleep, sick with excitement and nerves.

It’ll also be the first time I’ve left Canada on purpose. So that's cool.

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