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im very happy with this so far. got prussian blue in acrylic gouache and it changed the game

i got acryligouache and wanted to play around with it. it goes on like gouache, you can thin it out and work it with water, its matte like gouache, but it cures as it dries (which it does a bit quicker than regular acrylic) which means you can’t reactivate it. its not going anywhere.

i'm working on a hat for a friend (who doesn't use mastodon) and i really like how its got this nice fade at the tip with these example photos. seriously considering doing a spritz of bleach test on some of the weird neon orange/pink im using

Ever know a guy? For a while?

heya folks, i really need some help with the copays for some meds i will need for a surgery i have on 8/8 (my birthday!). currently i have literally 5 dollars to my name, which isn’t gonna get me too far on a $150 script.

donate something, anything, to my ko-fi and i’ll draw you a little character like this. any character, original or otherwise. -

A transformation has taken place. This boy's evil had been reconfigured to return to it's original master.

One of my friend's bought a bunch of clown shit to hide around another friend's apartment, and I will be making it gnome themed. It will be returned by hiding it around the original purchaser's home

i have a surgery coming up in 14 days (as of 7/25/19), on my birthday! 8/8! its a good surgery at least.

i’m in a weird little zone money wise. i qualify for a program that pays for school for me, because i am too disabled for the work i currently qualify for but would be able to do the work i can get with this degree. BUT, because I’m in this, i dont qualify for disability!

i can draw or do card readings for donations!

Cashapp: $andymeats
Venmo: @andymeats

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sexy sculpture 

i really love red pandas. did you know theyre a living fossil, and that they are hardly related to giant pandas, who got the name of 'panda' FROM red pandas?

ya ever spend way to long on a doodle at 6am? I really love current Old Blixa, but give me a bendy goth guy and I'm hooked

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