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Trans rats rats who are TRANS

second design, with stickers and tshirt options available on redbubble

concept i need to play around with more with illustration:

camera framing

been working on some work, I even got some lamination sheeting for them

sorry ive not been posting much, ive been more active on the nsfw side of doodling. also got a lot more knitting to do @__@

new year time for a new ref sheet!
its me, Meats! im a red pandaoid and i wanna eat all your snacks

ok i have an idea for you:

rat shoulder sack

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I am excited to announce that Shetani Fursona Pins are now available for sale and limited trade!
1.5" collectible hard enamel pin of a sweet li'l cheet. Makes a great stocking stuffer or holiday gift! 🎁
Get yours here:

/looks up plants on ebay

its time to get back into knitting i think, i got the itch. the crave for the yarn

oh pff also asexual and pansexual, sure aint leavin them out

as an agender/genderqueer person, ive deff noticed that when folks do consider adding us, its always just the nb flag. and like i dont think thats something that folks should have to offer or anything. but i want to, because its something i notice.

i need to design a header for the redbubble, and also take a look over the settings to see if theres anything else i missed. but unfortunately, study for finals this coming week comes first.

after that, i do have some more pride stickers i was working on too. kinda wanna also do the ratties in like, a variety of flags.
thinkin obviously the rainbow, bi, maybe both the lipstick and another lesbian design.
but also intersex and a few different nb flags, not just the 'nb' flag.

laying down ratty is a lot more popular than standing up i see, good to get feedback so clear like that cause it will help me with further concept ideas. also good to know this site is deff worth posting art on, happy to know that cause i like this place!

Trans rats rats who are TRANS

second design, with stickers and tshirt options available on redbubble

Meet Mair
Shes slimey, squishy and can keep you warm on a cold day if you're fine with getting really sticky.

Well we are deff gonna be using this a lot more now that tumblr seems to be killing itself off. its been well known for a while now that they cant figure out how to make money from it, so really, its not too surprising to see.

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