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Probably my most straightforward political view; Farm Yer Yard.
Got all that space being wasted on some shitty grass, if you got the space, use it. Feed your family, your neighbors, your community. A grass lawn is an out of date status symbol and a normalizing of monocultures from birth.
In the very least, consider some native plants.

havin fun with handwriting, its something ive gotten better at recently and i kinda wanna keep working on it.

too bad you can't undo pen, that 'Green' is way too low!

Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld - Nerissimo (English)

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hey! i'm working on a tabletop dungeon crawler with a friend!

i'm really excited about it! this is version 0.1 – no solid release date for the final version as of yet since we're going to do it in chunks, but what's there now is playable on its own if you want to check it out and give feedback and such! pay what you want – i'd recommend $5!

i was tryin to make a hedgehog character yesterday without making her look like a sonic. so she just looked like a sonic with realistic saggy boobs and it was. not good!

what are you up to? just some normal gnome activities? just doing some gnome behavior?

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Oh wow a lovely response to that audio! I'm glad people like Cas and Pol so much! They're based on Siamese mice (I really have to get some colored art). Fun facts!

*Pol is Trans
*They love Peanut butter
*Their favorite artist is They Might Be Giants (Because they're tiny)


i really wanna learn how to do macrame specifically to make cute hangers for pots

i really gotta get back to sculpting but i just dont have a good set up for it in this house u___u

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