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Oh wow a lovely response to that audio! I'm glad people like Cas and Pol so much! They're based on Siamese mice (I really have to get some colored art). Fun facts!

*Pol is Trans
*They love Peanut butter
*Their favorite artist is They Might Be Giants (Because they're tiny)


i really wanna learn how to do macrame specifically to make cute hangers for pots

i really gotta get back to sculpting but i just dont have a good set up for it in this house u___u

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some #visiblemending I just finished! fixing my clothes and making them pretty is the best tbh

Slowly the collection grows. I have some spinach and broccoli left from last year. The packages without picture are gai lan and some peas

Genders, so many genders! i actually did not cover every one that I found a flag for, as I was also searching places like twitter to see if they're still used. If there's one I missed that you would actually like to see, just ask!

I actually have been working! ive just also been knitting, working on peoples very late gifts @_@
I will be doing more of these with different rats and different animals!

as with the others, you can purchase or clothing at

finally getting around to working on more flags, and will also be working on more critter designs to do more flags with too! i might also upload more than one design concept, idk, im playing around with how to actually use the colors of these flags

concept i need to play around with more with illustration:

camera framing

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