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its rewarding seeing a finished piece and running my hand over the texture. also that florescent floss looks great under different lights!

i do have plans for some more flags, ive gotten two requests from personal folks, and i wanna do a few trans/something else flags. dont wanna go too wild with it and make every possibility, but i want to have something i could show for potential requests.

we moved bout an hour north so i can continue my schooling on at a state school. nervous about starting the process of handing a school's admin again

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screenshot of my redbubble shop showing the collection of pride flag options available for purchase on anything from tshirts to stickers.

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ive been getting some more fabric, lesbian, ace, aro and maybe bi on the way. the maybe is cause im reconsidering the fabric i got for it, which i can use elsewhere at least

maybe I should do a lesbian flag specifically in flannels after the cotton here is done

they do sell online but there is a minimum of 2 yards, and also I would prefer to actually see it in person first since monitor colors arent guaranteed to be 1:1.

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As of now, my local fabric shop is only a Joanns, so I will be building up fabric kinda slowly. A lot of their patterns are a touch too big for what I'm doing, so maybe down the road I will add more sizes as well. Their limited selection means some of the ones like the lesbian flag with several shades of the same colors might be slower coming.

this is an idea i've had for awhile and finally decided to actually make them! patterned pride flags! i will expand flag options as im able to get fabric for them. for now, i've finished both the trans flag and the nonbinary flag!

°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° 's fursona! Shes a very real rat and this is what she looks like!

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