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owl* Lyze; @lyze@meow.social

ordered some owl necklaces, hope theres one I like and looks good uvu

I really need a good monitoring program for my little cluster.

My backup server was nearly full and luckily I looked at it right now.

Anyone got recommendations? (Running on arm micro computers, so it shouldn't be heavy at all)

Now let’s hope that they take me o^o

just completed the interview, place looks really nice, new and small offices with green everywhere. People are also really awesome so far and they work with modern technologies.

Also finally can use a linux pc at work, aahhhh. :D

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peacocks are disco turkeys

just asked for a (complicated) serializer example of a library in github.

they gave me an example of a *de*serializer ....

On the other hand, now whenever I push to my dotfiles manager master branch it'll build a new version, and if that succeeds then it'll trigger another build which updates the dotfiles manager on my dotfiles to the newest version. :)

Setting up builds is always fun x3

We should really do this :P

Verifying takes longer then downloading it, good job. x3

We’re all forks of our parents.

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I spent a bit of time this evening writing a userscript and userstyle (I use them with a Fluid app wrapper) to make Mastodon feel a little more like a desktop app.

Tweaks include:
• Mobile-style tab bar is a sidebar
• Floating compose icon is on the left
• “Getting started” has a label
• All scrollbars are 100% native

You can get the CSS and JS here: gist.github.com/ticky/8acf2350

somebody good at pixelart? :o

Might need a bunch of small things but can’t find any (open/not busy) artist.

I hate not being able to talk with people over the day. :c

At least queen cheers me up a bit