I finally managed to get a refund for this and last months internet bills because they can't fix that problem they have in my area...


It feels so wrong to write

`public Lyze Lyze { get; set; }`

Had a little new "game" idea, needed some sprites! Here's a wip!

Thanks @Nsyse for making them! :D

Windows update screen is really blergh on laptops. "Please don't turn it off!"
Would be neat if you could show me how much battery percentage is left...

I just searched for 2 days where I could buy that laptop with a UK keyboard layout and it never occurred to me to try and buy it directly from lenovo... obviously it's much cheaper and i can configure literally everything then. x)

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You need to click the photo to get a full picture (pun intended)... but there's like all kinds of weather on this panoramic shot πŸ˜†


I made something a 3 year old could do better ... but it's something artsy, so yay?

Also extra gayness.

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oh my god i love these logo mockups. lots of people on r/debian like the left one but i personally love the right sided one the most.


Waiting a minute each time for the build to finish is so fuuuun! /s

Yep definitively. If I don't find anything better then I'll grab myself a thinkpad e480 and a nokia 7 plus next week!~ :D

Hmm maybe a thinkpad e480? Seems pretty reasonable and as much as I'd like to spend

Found a nice mid range phone with *stock android*! I'm so so happy!

Now I just need a nice new laptop and sell my old one to my dad.
Though Im not really great and can't really figure out which ones are great or not. x)

Got a letter from police that I need to pay 0.0EUR because I stopped attending something... x3

God my German/English is strong today again...

So many grammatical errors. x)

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