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I just beat through the fire and flames on expert in beat saber. 💪


I'm so happy, I can't believe it. :D

Yaaay good job database!!

[2019-08-14 23:35:09] 48 rows retrieved starting from 1 in 8 h 57 m 14 s 900 ms (execution: 2 h 20 m 54 s 898 ms, fetching: 6 h 36 m 20 s 2 ms)

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Image of an unused Yoshi skin for horses found in the data of the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack DLC for Minecraft: Wii U Edition. t.co/tcSxRRms5i

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If you play DnD as a non-furry race you're a cop

Can anyone recommend a good mechanical keyboard which is really quiet and has backlight?

I'm curious on what ya'll are using!

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My avatar as a rendered animation, from a real hand-drawing by the amazing @YlBi

(Make sure to click or hover over the seemingly white image below to see the animation)

windows, help please? 


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another picture of the luminous cliffs cause they're just So Fucking Good

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Londons LTE 4G mobile internet is so good that every connection times out.

Wonderful. x3

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Some quick shots of my Deus Hex visor from IllumiCyberwear on Etsy! I loooove how glowy it is.
The strap is way too big for my realistic fursuit head, so I plan to shorten it and add a velcro closure to help it stay on my head and facilitate getting it off and on by myself.
Ordered an outfit to pair with it; hopefully it'll come in time for me to wear to the raves at !

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