In % jumps to the next matching closing bracket.
d% would delete until.

e.g stuff.method(...)

(cursor is at .) would delete .method(...)

How can I delete 2 brackets like that?

e.g. method() { }

Works by typing d%d% but doesn't work by typing 2d%.

Could sb help?

Organized a game evening with a hunch of buds.

5 minutes before we start: discord: *ded*

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gui frameworks are a gigantic mess which require a gigantic amount of workarounds. I'm giving up.

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I don't know how I should parse the html text mastodon sends as content.

I really don't want to use a webview for each toot??

Internet Explorer can't display images apparently. ;D

Definitively nor a teaser for my new project. Naaah.

Crossplatform Toolkits are fun when they create native windows~

Trying my hands at gui building again. It was a mistake.

I can really understand people who use electron over native apps because it's just so much easier. :P

Is there a native mastodon client yet? (lin/win)

Might try to work on one again if not.

Termux is singlehandedly the best app ever created. It's ssh client can even port forward everything and create socks proxies and ahhh omg I love it.

"my idea of a good time is respecting people's autonomy and privacy" x3

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lyft driver is listening to pirate movie soundtrack instrumental stuff at high volume and this is 100% the most epic ride home from therapy i’ve ever had. i feel like we’re about to loot a costal village

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