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owl* Lyze; @lyze@meow.social

Now since I get a iphone soon, the most important question.

Which mastodon client to use? :o

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tfs is the most annoying thing ever

post fox depression is real. :c

oh god that patch is amazing O:

time to dive into vfio again! :D

I'm kinda tempted to nuke everything for real and go with vfio.

Win is stuck now at the "restarting" thing :v

Switched motherboards, windows uninstalled AMD drivers and now wants to upgrade to the newest windows versions before I can reinstall the drivers...

So if I install my OS on <disk 1> everything takes 10 hours even though it's an ssd and I get lot's of weird ATA errors.

When I install it on <disk 2> everything is quick even though it's a hdd.

<disk 1> works perfectly fine under windows and SMART says it's good.

I don't know. :/

Should I just nuke <disk 1> and install a new partition table on it then try again?

Guess I need to nuke my whole pc setup and reinstall everything :tada:

There's a biiiiig dork next to me!

Welp got a pretty neat deal: iphone 8 for 108eur :D

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I have a little something I want to test under Windows and wanted a Windows 10 VM.

If anyone is interested I was kindly pointed to:


via the birdsite where you can download Windows 7, 8 (x86) and 10 (x64) VMs with a 90 day license. Not only, Microsoft themselves recommend taking a snapshot so that you can auto-renew after 90 days have passed.