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2019 goals:
-pretend to be an animal online
-pretend to be an animal at a convention

I'm having one of those "I hate people, I just want to crawl into my cave and not talk to anyone for a few weeks." I think I've had too much exposure to the cancer that is Twitter dot com

So my vacation begins with me losing my credit card. Great!

I just watched Brother Bear on Disney+ and I think this is the movie that has sparked my interest in TF, as well as talking animals

I wish there was an open source alternative to Yelp/TripAdvisor

Why do everyone's apartments look the same? Don't you have any fantasy? Have some fun decorating the place!

If you think you have not changed, try reading your posts from a year ago

Just going through my old Mastodon toots and just.... WTF???!!!!!

Getting out of the friendzone is easy, but how tf do you get out of the friends witg benefits-zone?


Jesus, can you stop being horny for one second and fall in love with me already?

Bought a Raspberry Pi for christmas. Finally I'll start self-hosting

Sometimes your life can take a turn from average and boring to AMAZING! For me, it's one of those times.

Sorry if I sometimes come off as pretentious online. I try my best to improve, and if there's anything that I say that makes you feel uncofortable, pls tell me

Kudos to Booking for suggesting I book a hotel in the town where I live😂

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