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introduction to mastodon, that annoying billionaire guy 

Hey all, I created this profile years ago but never made use of it until potentially now. With the Musk sale of Twitter being final, I think I'll gradually be moving over here.

If you don't know who I am, I'm a furry illustrator/designer/streamer. You can find out about me at LEVI.LAND if you're at all interested. Hope y'all are having a nice day!


Hindsight 20/20. DON'T use microSD or any eMMC based flash media really for a Raspberry Pi if you can avoid it. It's not very reliable LOL

Inflation Fetish Art 

Buy TRIBAL HUNTER on Steam, Humble Bundle or GOG! Digital Soundtrack and Artbook is available as DLC!


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Inflation Fetish Art 

Here's a timelapse of the art. Thank you
Whitetail for allowing me to use a track from the OST for this video. Check their music out here:

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Inflation Fetish Art 

HUGE congratulations to Melonsoda Soft on the full release of Tribal Hunter! To celebrate, I drew Munch floating by while doing Kitora's flight course!

Inflation/Weight Gain/Vore Fetish Art 

Throwing up a thread with some recent doodles :bikepump: :pooltoyvalve: :big_kink:

Inflation Kink, Goo/Slime 

alt version of previous

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Inflation Kink, Goo/Slime 

I've had a lot of fun doodling my friend Toothy lately, very good subject for embiggening stuff 😈

VERY NSFW vocals 🔞, earworm 

I've had CPR by CupcakKe to the tune of Misery by Maroon 5 stuck in my head ALL DAY PLEASE HELP

FatFur, Web Design 

Late last year I was approached by an artists whose work I deeply admire. His name is Kygen and he asked if I could create a website for him to display his art, show commission prices and terms as well as receiving commissions through a tailored form.

About half a year later, yesterday, we launched the site. You can find it at

I put a lot of love into this project, I'd love it if you gave it a look and told me what you think! 🥧💙🥧💙

Forgot to post my reason for immediately hopping on the iOS 16 Dev Beta (art @MouseNoises )

mh (+/-) 

The difference between my old psychiatric clinic, which had to shut down a couple of years ago and the new one is stark to say the least.

The doctors I've been in touch with at the new place have been shocked that I still had to give urine samples (they switched to saliva years ago at the new place). As well as the fact that I've been on the same medication for nearly 12 years without being offered to try an alternative. I did ask at the old place numerous times but they said no lmao

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dont kill the part of you thats cringe!!! kill the part of you that cringes!!

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looking for mechanical keyboard recommendations 

Went the hardcore route cause I seriously couldn't find a better option lol

(Don't worry I have keycaps)

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looking for mechanical keyboard recommendations 

I'm looking at keyboards and it's making my head hurt. I'd super appreciate some recommendations!

I'm looking for a board with silent switches, nordic ISO layout, RGB, compact (anything from 65-80%/TKL (I need the print screen button lmao)), preferably under $180

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