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introduction to mastodon, that annoying billionaire guy 

Hey all, I created this profile years ago but never made use of it until potentially now. With the Musk sale of Twitter being final, I think I'll gradually be moving over here.

If you don't know who I am, I'm a furry illustrator/designer/streamer. You can find out about me at LEVI.LAND if you're at all interested. Hope y'all are having a nice day!


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looking for mechanical keyboard recommendations 

Went the hardcore route cause I seriously couldn't find a better option lol

(Don't worry I have keycaps)

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looking for mechanical keyboard recommendations 

I'm looking at keyboards and it's making my head hurt. I'd super appreciate some recommendations!

I'm looking for a board with silent switches, nordic ISO layout, RGB, compact (anything from 65-80%/TKL (I need the print screen button lmao)), preferably under $180

Fetish, Inflation, Slime 

Wanted to redraw a thing from 2019 (left), guess I picked up a thing or two lol

Fetish, Transformation, Fatfur 

Felt like drawing my badger fursona today, here he is casting spells in his sleep. Turned TexanSoda into a pillow and turning Aster into a plush.

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Weather balloon 

Chaotic made me draw a balloon!
Commission for 2Chaotic on twitter

(-) Silly tech rant 

This is very pedantic but I hate the fact that "dropping frames" has become common vocabulary and is even used in place of "low frame rate" or "stuttering" at times. Thanks OBS lol

mh (-), landlords, personal economy 

My landlord has owed me $3700 for the past 7 months because my apartment got flooded and I had to move out. They promised I would get it last week but still no. I'm rly behind on my credit cause of all this and I don't make enough to catch up lmao

I'm so tired.

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Colour sketch commission for RayPlushPup. Something smells dreamy!

Inflation Kink, Furry, Inflatable 

A little gift art for !

Anyone else starting to have trouble with the Apple Pencil 2? Had mine 3 yrs now and it's starting to not register my strokes at all. I don't think it's the nib since I replaced it fairly recently.

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I never finished this but I thought I would post it anyways uwu

RGB Peripheral 

I got the G502 since my 602 was getting on my nerves with the amount of buttons. This scroll wheel is definitely gonna get abused LOL

meta talk abt fediverse 

the fact that i can open mastodon in public without having to worry abt something compromising coming up is fantastic

i'm always tempted to open birdapp when im out and about but uhh that's NEVER gonna happen LOL

Nothing more satisfying than finding that perfect brush in a digital art app

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