So… Buck Angel and Caitlyn Jenner are two sides of the same coin, rich white assholes who happen to be Trans, but are still rich white assholes. And both seem to be shockingly transphobic. They found success and are now pulling the ladder up behind them. To hell with them both.

YAY… I decided to have fish and chips for dinner… and… it was too greasy, and I’m now paying for it.

Okay… the Slack commercial during the Olympics confirms something, I’ve got BAD anxiety. As my AppleWatch alerted me about high heart rate after just hearing the Notification sound for Slack on TV. That sound literally triggers me.

And then IMMEDIATELY probe for something more exotic/weird, while fishing for more details from me. C’MON. I gave you what I wanted, and you are coming to me. If you had something you wanted, SAY it, don’t give me a base frame and make me do your work for you.

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There is NOTHING more irritating that someone wanting to interact in a RP setting (MU, chat server, etc) that prods you for what you like, you say, and they go, “oh, but what about something more exciting” and it’s like, Um… you approached me for what I wanted, don’t dismiss it/

Holy shit… my birthday is in two weeks. (August 3rd.) Where did the time go?!

Man it’s sad that when a new issue of Beastars comes out, I devour it in about a half hour, and then have to wait three months for the next issue. I *adore* this manga.

UGH… seeing reporters NOT correcting MTG on what HIPAA rights are. First start by explaining it stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Then explain it only applies to health care professionals, and does not SHIELD you from being asked medical questions.

Today’s random trans thought. What multivitamin should I be taking? I guess try to find a gender neutral one?

Early to rise
And early to bed
Makes a man healthy
But socially dead

Man the writing on Animaniacs was fun.

And… I’m back to being fully in Covid-19 paranoia mode.

I *am* immunocompromised. So back to double masking and excessive hand washing.

That’s one thing I’m gonna miss about day and date movies on streaming… Live Tweeting about the train wrecks. The GOOD movies you gush over after the fact.

I’m never watching that again. I honestly am embarrassed on behalf of Don Cheadle and Sonequa Martin-Green. They are FAR too good talent for this garbage fire.

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Of course LeBron had to have the winning shot, when thematically it would have made sense to pass… And… the sappy ending, that was expected… yup. God damn… I know the 1996 Space Jam wasn’t high cinema, but this… is honestly one of the worst things I’ve ever watched.

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Okay, the halftime joke is literally the only time I’ve laughed in this movie so far. Not going to spoil the ONE good thing about Space Jam so far.

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This feels like it was written by the short attention span folks at Family Guy’s writers room. SO many insane jump cuts.

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I frankly feel sorry for the actors in this horrible mess. I’m not intoxicated enough for this.

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