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Hot wet muscle pulling in beyond those massive fangs, saliva glistening still from the previous licking. After a press up to the rough ridged roof, the wolf appears to be savoring the poor observer, before a slow swallow, drawing them down into their throat. Too small even to be revealed as a bulge externally.

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It couldn’t have been earthquakes, too regular... but sheltering in the observation deck, away from all the windows, the shaking had stopped, time to take a peek. Spotting the wolf face almost instantly after getting out of the inner doorway. A wide smirk on it’s face as it’s tongue slowly licks over it’s chops, before leaning in tongue piercing the observation deck glass as if it was paper. The huge muscle surging forward, grabbing the observer with a quick curl and flick...

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Thoughts of a canine paw slowly lowering over a city, revealing that it was only perspective that kept it seeming so survivable. As the miles wide pads come closer, the shockwaves of air displacement already causing parts of the buildings to flake off. This impact, in agonizing slow motion won’t leave anything of the city beyond a massive paw print.

Okay… This week’s The Mandalorian had be squeeing almost from the first shot. Dave Filoni is my favorite person at Lucasfilm.

I know it’s passé to do, but I do mean it. I’m extremely thankful for all my mutuals. If you are reading this, thank you for being a part of my life.

HUH, Same with the Wonder Years, even though that was set 20 years before, it was the same ages. And Fred Savage is just under a month older than me.

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Just making the realization that Saved by the Bell was effectively the class before me. It ran from 89-93. I was in High School from 90-94. And weirdly Dustin Diamond is YOUNGER than me.

I also got a legit reason why Elise was recast, she’s a PoC. Rebecca Sugar is not. So they cast a PoC who sounds similar to Rebecca, Erica Luttrell. (Sapphire from Steven Universe)

Distand Lands Obsidian Spoilers 

I can NOT get over how banging this track is. it’s been stuck in my head for days, and is completely gonna go into my “Angry Songs” playlist.

This feels so weird... I’m in an Uber for the first time since February.

It kinda bums me out that Distant Lands Obsidian replaced Rebecca Sugar for Elise, and that she didn’t write any of the new songs.

GUH…. Non-stop (literally no breaks at all) meetings since 9:30am… I’m burned out at this today, especially since I have a FUCK ton of work to get done TONIGHT…

UGH… being sir-ed in a professional setting… I’m not out professionally about being trans yet. So I can’t correct, but I do have it clear my pronouns are they/them most places professionally, but IS there a gender neutral equivalent for sir/ma’am?

Silver linings, rapid test came back negative. So what I have is likely a bad version of the flu, not covid-19. I’d like to be done being sick now though.

(Says the trans vixen that is still mostly hiding in her well cracked egg)

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“Outgrow the closet” Accidental advice from a telegram group that is simply AMAZING advice for any LGBT Macro.

So OOCly maternal side has English and Danish blood, paternal side is 4th generation Swedish. The more I look into Scandinavia, the more things make sense to me. I need both mountains and ocean to be comfortable, and snow isn’t an issue. Why haven’t I moved yet?

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