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Curious about the setting of my works?

I've set up a Retrospring since apparently Patreon only lets Patrons comment even if the post is Public [1]


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Lets start with an .
I'm an illustrator and webcomic artist from Chile and I'm looking for a place to put some of my art that I'm not comfortable with posting on my regular accounts, so while there will be some crossposts here this will mainly serve as an AD.

[NSFW] foxy gal with her legs spread on a bed, ec 

This is Kaji, a minor background character form my XEN comic that someone added to my suggestions spreadsheet.

This doubled as an experiment working with a limited colour palette.

[NSFW] getting fucked against a wall 

Another one of Bandi, this time with Amy

*insert another quip about rabbits being insatiable*

[NSFW] bunny doing a squirrel girl doggy style 

*Insert funny comment about rabbits and multiplying here*

Yeah, I got nothing...

This came to be because of a suggestion for squirrel appreciation day earlier this year.

[NSFW] ferret girl gets facefucked 

Oops I made another one of these hypothetical "What if Mix was a Xeno made for sexual pleasure" things

Part one ->

Part two ->

nudity, ec 

This is the cover and title page of a currently work in progress mini-comic that is set at the end of Derideal chapter 10 and will be Patreon exclusive until it will be finished, hopefully later this year

[NSFW] m/f blowjob 

This is sort of an alternate universe "happy ending" of the Aftermath mini-comic ( that explores Amy and Bandis relationship after the events of XEN: Nova (

[NSFW] nudity, ec, not sure if this warrants a food cw? 

A silly suggestion put in after a silly comment in my Telegram group about calling @fl4nn "puddin"

I suppose you could call Trisa a snack now :revblobfoxowomlem:

Getting all of that syrup out again will probably be a nightmare though...

The whole thing was made in a hurry but with having wound up also making a second version with a mess of a different kind I think it ended up pretty well

nudity, ec 

I got commissioned to draw Samedi from the webcomic Post Quest (
I don't know much about her or the comic but I had fun drawing her in my style none the less

[NSFW] naked bunny girl with some ribbons 

After the Christmas pinup I did with Pixi [1] I ended up doing another one for myself involving Nova...

Now excuse me while I go unwrap my present :3


nudity, ec, big knife 

Someone suggested a tribal version of Ivory, I wanted to make it desert-themed and ended up taking quite a bit of inspiration from Dune and mixed it with Arabic clothing

nudity, ec 

Last one of this series, I just couldn't go without doing one of Laura.

She's one of my oldest characters and probably the one that has changed most over the years...

nudity, ec 

I suppose this is sort of an consolidation price for the handful of people that voted for Pixi...

I decided to draw her anyway, how could I not?
She's adorable.

nude android ferret girl, ec 

Another one of Mix

I wanted to do a crouching pose to show off her, err, assets, and this is what I ended up with


Laura as an Angel

A drawing I wanted to make because it is somewhat symbolic to my comic.

Also not sure how much sense the censored version even makes here, the changes are so small it's barely noticeable if one doesn't explicitly look for it...

nudity, eye contact 

Another bonus from the vote I held on Patreon last year, because I can't just not draw Ivory

[NSFW] anal fingering 

As we learned last week, Mix is into but stuff...

This painting, while similar in theme, was a pretty big experiment with regards to the pose and the wet fur and I'm not sure about the result but due to limited time I couldn't keep working on it much longer

Sorry for the delete-and-redrafting, I messed up the threading :blobfoxlaughsweat:

[NSFW] ferret girl gets plugged by her girlfriend 

I just noticed I never posted this little series I did last year...

Pixi learns that Mix is into butt stuff 🍑‍👀‍💦

two naked girls getting handsy in the lockers 

This is blatant fan service: not only are they not even from the same series, Mix only has eyes for Pixi and Nova is way to busy for relationships...

And yet here thy are, two gals being pals :3c

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