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politics, chile 

Fuerza Chile

I'm sorry, really sorry for touching this subject. I know some people won't share my view on the problem, but this is where I stand.
Media, politician speeches have spoken too much about vandalism, but where are the real solutions to my country's problems?
I don't support having troops in the street under any circumstance, it makes me nervous, people aren't the enemy.

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Lets start with an .
I'm an illustrator and webcomic artist from Chile and I'm looking for a place to put some of my art that I'm not comfortable with posting on my regular accounts, so while there will be some crossposts here this will mainly serve as an AD.

cybernetic body without "skin", detached arm for maintenance 

The last post in this little series about Mix and Pixi is the picture that inspired me to do the series in the first place.

I've been talking about how Pixi as engineer was pretty much responsible for getting Mix' "new" body working after finding her in one of the countless abandoned laboratories inside The Void.

[2/2] cybernetic body without "skin", might be body horror for some 

When Pixi found her there wasn't much resembling Mix' former body left, "parts" were broken and needed repairs but most notably she was missing her fur coat.

Pixi helped a lot with repairs and eventually figuring out to make a new skin for Mix, giving her back her "normal" appearance and a sense of touch

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[1/2] cybernetic body without "skin", might be body horror for some 

I already mentioned Mix feeling insecure about her body before meeting Pixi last week:
These five panels are going a little deeper into that


Another possible angle would be that some Scientists experimented with breeding their Xenos to explore hormonal control.
In any case they might be doing it wrong here since breeding likely would only be supposed to happen within a species...
Could this have happened in The Void? Is it just a simulation Mix came up with? She does get the most interesting ideas sometimes after all...

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[NSFW] m/f sex, breeding 

I meant to post this on Friday as it is the last pic of the Pixi & Mix week, although there will be a few two more posts involving those two this week...

Anyway, this came up when I wondered what if the Consortium were breeding the Xeno instead of cloning. This is very much not canon since I think even if the "production" would be cheaper, training and development would be a lot slower, not to mention less control over their hereditary.

[NSFW] oral sex, cunnilingus 

This one admittedly was a little rushed so I'm not quite happy with the result.
I'm also still unsure about what the best size difference proportions between those two would be, as to not make Pixi too small compared to Mix...

[NSFW] eye contact, oral sex, anilingus 

Mix and Pixi being a couple started out as a joke between Mix' original creator and myself and eventually it became canon.

Hungry Mix takes what she wants, not that Pixi minds providing...

female nudity, eye contact, cybernetics, bodily trauma mention 

This is Mix, I was commissioned to draw her a long time ago and since then pretty much have taken her over from her original creator (with their consent of course)

She's a cyborg, her body taken apart and almost entirely replaced by cybernetics in cruel experiments of the Technological Consortium, until she met Pixi she was very insecure about herself due to the suffered abuse...

[NSFW] female nudity, eye contact 

Earlier this year in March I did a week of Pixi & Mix and since I missed a few weeks of posting here recently I'm gonna post them each day this week as they were posted on Patreon.

Pixi makes the start solo, probably putting on a show for Mix :3c

Almost three hours later and only now do I notice the typo:
The Skinwalkers are part of /Navajo/ mythology

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[NSFW] nudity, eye contact, maybe slight body horror? 

Another suggestion from Patrons, someone put a Coyote with the theme suggestion of native american myths on my suggestion list, and since I assumed they meant north american native specifically I had to do some research before finding out about the
Navanjo Skinwalkers

topless ref sheet, eye contact 

Remember her? No?
Have a refresher:

People on Patreon liked her a lot and asked for more so I went and gave her a ref sheet and a name.
She's Trisa, Tris for friends, a EXI pilot / mechanic for my XEN webcomic universe.

nudity, eye contact 

Another one with the "Ferret stuck in a tube" theme, but anthro this time

The previous post:

nudity, eye contact 

I've been commissioned for art with spacesuits multiple times in the past so I guess it was time to actually do some fanart with her tribal outfit too...

Now answer me this, who's the true queen of the fandom?
Krystal or Renamon?

nudity, eye contact 

Another Beastars fanart, this time Haru (although personally I like Juno far better)

[NSFW] nudity, implied f/f oral, eye contact 

I'm enjoying drawing these two way too much, recently I even made one picture per day for a week of them for Patreon so there's a bunch more of them on the horizon for you :)

[NSFW] nudity, eye contact 

Another something that mostly exists as paintbrushing practice...

I intended for her to be a ferret but it came out abstract enough she probably could also be interpreted as something else

beastars, nudity, eye contact 

I don't often do fanarts but when I do I might as well tack on a fanservice version

Anyway, Juno from Beastars, enjoy

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skimpy maid outfit 

I am dead and @kiaunAD killed me

I'm loving this

[NSFW] f/f rough play, explicit nudity 

Another example of the more explicit art I've let myself be talked into lately

Tried to put some more focus on actually drawing fur, it's a pain xd

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