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[NSFW] female nudity, nipples, eye contact 

I spotted this one on my suggestion list just in time to finish it for Patreon before the Chinese New Year rolled around last month

Mice count for the year of the rat, right?
Anyway, meet Amy with a little more mysterious aura than her usual self

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Lets start with an .
I'm an illustrator and webcomic artist from Chile and I'm looking for a place to put some of my art that I'm not comfortable with posting on my regular accounts, so while there will be some crossposts here this will mainly serve as an AD.

nudity, eye contact 

Nova in her birthday suit, fooling around in one of the ships hallways.

This will be the last complex for a while as I currently don't have a private spot to spend much time working on this kind of thing in.


I hadn't drawn Susu for a long time, so long that someone missed her enough to put her on my suggestion list.

She's a character from my Void setting and hasn't appeared in the parts currently on my website yet, but I'm in the process of drawing the fourth chapter where she's introduced and posting it on Patreon until it is complete and eventually will be public.

[NSFW] blowjob 

Another one of Ivory and Alpha

Ivory knows what she wants, which in this case was a taste of Alpha, and how to get it, because she also knows what he likes.


Someone put an old sketch of mine on my suggestion list, saying I should finish it and so I did.

Won't anyone borrow her a jacket already?

Laura is from my Derideal webcomic.

[NSFW] human on anthro, sex, noncon mention (1/2) 

Sort of an continuation of the previous one, these aren't exactly canon and more exploration of what ifs.

I've always wondered if some Consortium scientists would abuse their power and create their own personal slave Xeno...

[NSFW] anthro on human, blowjob (1/2) 

Originally this was supposed to just be a bunch os sketches but because I'm me it turned into a silly comic

nudity, torn clothes, eye contact 

Looks like Nova has been fighting some especially challenging Cadacters, they even tried to get to her sweet spots!

Nova and the Cadacter belong to my XEN webcomic

[NSFW] ghost hands doing ghost hand things 

At some point someone requested Aden with a ghost hands theme, which is something I haven't done before, and Aden doesn't seem to appreciate the treatment, likely terrified they will put him through the same crude experiments the scientists that created him did.

The requester probably had something different in mind, but!
I also made a more saucy version with one of my friends characters who seems more into it :3

[NSFW] nude aroused squirrel girl 

There was a request for an aroused squirrel on my suggestions list so I went with Tris for this one.

She was supposed to be a character for an eventual continuation of the XEN comic but since that won't happen for quite some time she's pretty much here for fanservice.

[NSFW] m/f sex 

Something some people have been pretty insisting on I should draw at some point, so Alpha and Ivory going at it has been coming for a while now I guess xd

suggestive pose, ec 

An early painting practice in , some kind of lizard in a suggestive pose

nudity, eye contact 

The one putting "tigress in nature" in my suggestions probably only meant generic tiger girl, but I went and took some inspiration from Kung Fu Panda

The background on this one took me ages

[NSFW] arkesian sex 

Anothe commission for a friend of two of his Arkesian characters going at it


I was experimenting with earlier this year, this is one of the resulting painting studies I did.

Nova is from my XEN webcomic

[NSFW] nudity, butt focus, eye contact 

A commission based on the picture of Ivory I posted two weeks ago for one of my friends

nudity, eye contact 

Hey what's this?
Anoter fan{art,service}?

Guess nick left her waiting too long so Judy got comfortable with her favourite fox plush on the couch...

[NSFW] nudity, butt focus, eye contact 

A bit of an experimental pose I was playing around with, have Ivory presenting her "assets" 🍑

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eye contact 

Second one is from @kiaunAD whom I may have joked with about what we dubbed the "naughty rodents get put in the frosting bag" meme going around on Twitter

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