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Curious about the setting of my works?

I've set up a Retrospring since apparently Patreon only lets Patrons comment even if the post is Public [1]


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Lets start with an .
I'm an illustrator and webcomic artist from Chile and I'm looking for a place to put some of my art that I'm not comfortable with posting on my regular accounts, so while there will be some crossposts here this will mainly serve as an AD.

nudity, ec 

I suppose this is sort of an consolidation price for the handful of people that voted for Pixi...

I decided to draw her anyway, how could I not?
She's adorable.

nude android ferret girl, ec 

Another one of Mix

I wanted to do a crouching pose to show off her, err, assets, and this is what I ended up with


Laura as an Angel

A drawing I wanted to make because it is somewhat symbolic to my comic.

Also not sure how much sense the censored version even makes here, the changes are so small it's barely noticeable if one doesn't explicitly look for it...

nudity, eye contact 

Another bonus from the vote I held on Patreon last year, because I can't just not draw Ivory

[NSFW] anal fingering 

As we learned last week, Mix is into but stuff...

This painting, while similar in theme, was a pretty big experiment with regards to the pose and the wet fur and I'm not sure about the result but due to limited time I couldn't keep working on it much longer

Sorry for the delete-and-redrafting, I messed up the threading :blobfoxlaughsweat:

[NSFW] ferret girl gets plugged by her girlfriend 

I just noticed I never posted this little series I did last year...

Pixi learns that Mix is into butt stuff πŸ‘β€πŸ‘€β€πŸ’¦

two naked girls getting handsy in the lockers 

This is blatant fan service: not only are they not even from the same series, Mix only has eyes for Pixi and Nova is way to busy for relationships...

And yet here thy are, two gals being pals :3c

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nudity, female presenting nipples 

This of a random squirrel girl is kind of an experiment on multiple parts, a more sketchy style with some experimental colouring and an overall different style of character from my usual drawings.

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topless ref sheet, eye contact 

Remember her? No?
Have a refresher:

People on Patreon liked her a lot and asked for more so I went and gave her a ref sheet and a name.
She's Trisa, Tris for friends, a EXI pilot / mechanic for my XEN webcomic universe.

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female nudity, rear view, bending over, eye contact 

A little more sketchy this time because I was running short of time when I originally made this one for Patreon, I do enjoy being able to work more freely like just doodling in my sketchbook and then just adding color for the sake of it though so this was nice.

Another squirrel was requested and this mechanic girl is what I came up with, enjoy!

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[NSFW] nude aroused squirrel girl 

There was a request for an aroused squirrel on my suggestions list so I went with Tris for this one.

She was supposed to be a character for an eventual continuation of the XEN comic but since that won't happen for quite some time she's pretty much here for fanservice.

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Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!

Be nice to your rodent neighbours :ms_squirrel:

nudity, ec 

Somehow Mix, stealer of socks, ended up in a tie for first place with Nova in the contest, and contrary to her she seems to actually enjoy her success

Curious about the setting of my works?

I've set up a Retrospring since apparently Patreon only lets Patrons comment even if the post is Public [1]


naked and grumpy about it 

I asked my Patrons to vote for a selection of my characters in a contest-like setting last year, and unsurprisingly Nova took the lead...

Judging by her expression she probably got bribed to participate and would like to collect her reward now, thank you very much.
She's a busy bunny and has a clan to lead so hurry up, will you?

nudity (topless) 

"The cooling systems got damaged, phew!
it was getting hot in here...
but I'm glad you're here,
can you help me take off this suit?"

A new , this time Vex from my XEN webcomic again, whether the thing she's piloting is a Mecha, Tank or Ship is up to you ;)

There's also version available here:

[NSFW] nudity, playing with candy canes, eye contact 

Happy holidays from Pixi πŸ‘€β€‹πŸ’¦

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[NSFW] female nudity, nipples, eye contact 

This was a Christmas special of sorts for my Patrons last month.

Still a little sad Santa didn't bring Nova around for a visit...

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