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Curious about the setting of my works?

I've set up a Retrospring since apparently Patreon only lets Patrons comment even if the post is Public [1]


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Lets start with an .
I'm an illustrator and webcomic artist from Chile and I'm looking for a place to put some of my art that I'm not comfortable with posting on my regular accounts, so while there will be some crossposts here this will mainly serve as an AD.


Another suggestion from Patrons that has been sitting in my backlog for a long time...

I suppose in an alternate universe where xenos aren't genetically engineered super soldiers Ivory could end up a rock star

There also is a version of this one available here:


Someone else decided they didn't want to wait for their favourite character to get drawn in the spot they got voted into and instead bribed me to draw them sooner :blobfoxlaughsweat:

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nudity, ec 

One of my patrons liked this little series so much they commissioned their character to get the same treatment

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I did another of these polls where I deck out my character roaster in a outfit and Patreon decides who gets drawn first, to the surprise of no one Susu placed first.

[NSFW] squirrels fucking in a sci-fi cockpit 

Another one from my list of suggestions, this one took me significantly longer than usual because I wanted to try paintbrushing again...

nudity, ec 

It seems I'm absolutely unable to stop drawing these two together :revblobfoxlaughsweat:

[NSFW] nudity, red panda girl presenting her entire ass, fluids, ec 

This was made back in March for Patreon, since I was out of ideas and did not like most of the suggestions I received I eventually settled on a red panda, then remembered this character I was commissioned to draw before, so I went and made her for this one...

[NSFW] anthro on human, oral sex 

Another one of those hypothetical 'some humans get personal "assistant" xenos' musings

[NSFW] nudity, spread legs, ec 

*Insert witty joke about a tasty snack waiting for Mix here*

I guess Pixi wanted to surprise Mix with something special :blobfoxsipowo:

naked anthro lizard, ec 

Just a random lizard I decided to draw when I had no other ideas

nudity, erection, fluids 

And a follow up to the follow up where the grooming lead to a little more excitement :blobfoxsmug:

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[NSFW] nudity, spread legs, ec 

Amy deserves more love

nudity, christmas theme 

And a little bonus I made for Christmas last year because I just couldn't let the year end without drawing these two again...

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[NSFW] nudity, erection, oral 

An older suggestion, no Idea how Bandi manages to keep ending up in these kinds of situations :revblobfoxlaughsweat:

nudity, teasing 

Pixi and Mix again

What can I say? These two spark joy

[NSFW] anal sex 

It's become kind of a running gag with some friends that at some point Bandi will have screwed with all of my girls, and this was the logical next step: Mix

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