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Curious about the setting of my works?

I've set up a Retrospring since apparently Patreon only lets Patrons comment even if the post is Public [1]


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Lets start with an .
I'm an illustrator and webcomic artist from Chile and I'm looking for a place to put some of my art that I'm not comfortable with posting on my regular accounts, so while there will be some crossposts here this will mainly serve as an AD.

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And a follow up to the follow up where the grooming lead to a little more excitement :blobfoxsmug:

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[NSFW] nudity, spread legs, ec 

Amy deserves more love

nudity, christmas theme 

And a little bonus I made for Christmas last year because I just couldn't let the year end without drawing these two again...

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[NSFW] nudity, erection, oral 

An older suggestion, no Idea how Bandi manages to keep ending up in these kinds of situations :revblobfoxlaughsweat:

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Pixi and Mix again

What can I say? These two spark joy

[NSFW] anal sex 

It's become kind of a running gag with some friends that at some point Bandi will have screwed with all of my girls, and this was the logical next step: Mix

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The second easter set, this one with Nova, also from my XEN webcomic

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The first of two picture sets I did for easter earlier this year, because Patrons wanted to see my bunny characters in a easter themed getup,,,

This one is Bandi from XEN

nudity, christmas theme 

This one was a reward for patrons on Christmas last year, Ivory won the vote but I just couldn't resist putting Nova in there as well.

[NSFW] nudity, erection 

Another rare NSFW for a friend, decided to take on this one since I also made their reference sheet...

[NSFW] nudity, fluids, ec 

Yes, red panda. No, not related to current movies.

This was a Patreon reward from late last year that came out of a list of suggestions


I spend quite a bit of time on this one, experimenting with textures and colour schemes

[NSFW] nudity, erection 

This one was a from last year, exploring the setting of my XEN webcomic with a hypothetical private audience of two clan leaders after a battle.

nudity, cybernetic body parts 

Mix and Pixi have become my comfort drawing topic :blobfoxlaughsweat:

There's a desktop version of the censored one available here:

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A patreon pin-up from late last year: Pixi au naturel

Just can't not draw a cute mouse girl every now and then

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:blobfoxdrakedislike: cyber-truck
:blobfoxdrakelike: cyber-ferret

Oh look, it's Mix again :blobfoxlaughsweat:

nudity, erection, ec 

I don't do pinups with male characters often, but someone mistook Titch for a gal the other day and it made me realize how much of a background character he's become compared to the initial story idea for him, so now he's the center piece of this pic

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