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Primus Cerosi burning the candle at both ends, with little Felix catching some zzz's too. Characters belong to

ad for chilloutvr avatar 

You can now take your jaguar avatar with you into ! The package is included for free with all purchases, so you're not locked into one platform. All features should work, except for PhysBone interactions (aka dynamic beans). Feedback welcome!

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Every charr has their own way of cooling down after a long, hot day.

For the prompt CALM from my patron Drizzlebone—thank you for your support! 💖

patreon ad 

If you enjoy my art and would like to support my work, I’d love to welcome you to my Patreon! See daily WIPs from my current projects, high-res renders, and alternative perspectives. We have a cozy Discord too!

Big sword for a big charr!

The legendary greatsword, for the prompt TWILIGHT from my patron Kuragari! Thank you for your support! 💖

Also, a quick poll: With the recent VRChat issues, would there be interest in a port to other VR platforms? And which one would you like to see the most?

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ad for vrchat avatar 

Short clip of my jaguar avatar in VRChat - turned out a bit dark in hindsight, but I love how that makes the rosettes glow even more.

Thanks to @/SeraphisZurvan on Twitter for the recording!

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It’s 34 °C today and I hope you’re having a better time than this warrior. Stay hydrated!

avatar commission for Tk of his dragon wolf, with an optional outfit for special occasions. 😼

It’s been a pleasure working on this cute character—thank you so much for the commission, and I hope you’ll have fun in VR!

The combined power of a dragon and a charr, for the prompt POWER from my patron Ignado aka Seraphis! Thank you for your mighty support!

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Today’s story is “Secession” by

Yared Zerezghi is the last to upload his consciousness before the System secedes from the rest of humanity. Given how instrumental he was in achieving this goal, his feelings are…complex, to say the least.

Read by the Author.

He’ll need your clothes, your boots, and your catnip.

Inspired by the prompt METAMORPHOSIS from my patron Lyca, I guess this is what would happen if Iron Legion and the Inquest joined forces: a charr terminator.

That was fun! Thank you, Lyca, for your support!

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#FoxFriday: Invasion (the print)

Recreated my header image of the low poly fox family as 3D print. Took a while to print all the parts, but finally finished. :3

It consists of these parts: ground with the fence, bricks and rocks, two separate stairs, the porch with the pots and bricks, house base, the windows in transparent PLA, the roof, two large trees in the back, 10 trees, mom fox and 6 kits. \o/

#3dprinting #b3d #mastoart #foxes

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Cover giving you a chance to reconsider this fight you're about to lose.

“Flanking” usually means attacking from the side, but I learned today that it can also mean FLashing your ANKles? Ripa unfortunately managed to get into a situation involving both.

For the prompt FLANKER from my patron Ripa—thank you for your support!

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ad for vrchat avatar 

Added an alternate texture for my jaguar avatar. I still prefer the black texture because it works better with the rainbow rosettes, but you can now have both!

It's a free update for previous purchases, see above for the store links!

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3D character & outfit commission for Kuragari, featuring Yami Whitemane wearing the White Tiger Outfit!

Thank you so much for the commission! 💖

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