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ad for vrchat avatar, furality 

If you plan to attend next week, my black jaguar avatar now comes with an extra version using the shader for the glowing rosettes.

It's a free update for all previous purchases - hope you enjoy!

More about Furality:

Store links:

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If you want one of these, and want to support the things I create, they are almost all still available.
Ukraine themed which will have a portion of the sale donated to a charity there or you can have them as original version as well of course.

#3dprint #fox

This cat was going somewhere important, but found a brief moment in their busy schedule to accept some cuddles.

Kernas visiting the Priory’s special collections on some arcane business. Don’t forget to trim your claws!

For the prompt TOME from my patron Kuragari—thank you for your support! 💖

(The special collections are one of my favorite places from the game, they’re just so cozy?)

Going shopping is a depressing affair now. COVID numbers are still higher than before mask mandates started, but now that they're optional, nobody cares anymore.

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Dragon art, big landscape
Commission in which I go exploring a fantastic landscape.
Art by Themefinland.

support a jaguar (patreon/ko-fi ad) 

If you enjoy my art and would like to support my work, I'd love to welcome you on my Patreon! See high-res renders, alternate perspectives, WIPs, and join our cozy Discord. Similar benefits available via Ko-fi!

ad for vrchat avatar 

Published another little update for my black jaguar avatar, adding PhysBones to the feet so they move more realistically when they come in contact with the ground. (AKA, dynamic beans!)

Free update, see my previous tweet for store links. Thanks again @Rengyr for the help!

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Happy from this little fuzzball we met a few years back, in the older parts of the city.

PoV: You’ve tried to duel an elementalist. It did not go well.

For the prompt PATHETIC from my patron Ignado! I thought I’d try a first-person perspective for this. Not sure where it’s taking place—probably some Flame Legion shenanigans…

Probably a good time for a reminder that Tyria Pride is happening again in just a few weeks, on June 18th and 19th - it's always my favorite community event in .

More info here:

Pictures from previous years:

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I just found a surprise in my mail, for a donation to Tyria Pride back in 2020. Wasn't expecting that after such a long time, and especially not a handwritten card. 💚

ad for vrchat avatar 

A little free update for my jaguar avatar:

- All features can now be controlled via menu, and use of hand gestures can be toggled (in case you need your hands for other things)
- You can now summon a customizable flag to show some Pride, if the rainbow rosettes are not enough!

In addition to Gumroad he's now also available from my Ko-fi store:

Thank you @Rengyr for your help with the update!

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A Warpblade, for the prompt FORTITUDE from my patron Lyca! Fortitude because for some reason, holding a sword makes elementalists suddenly feel a lot more… alive. At least for a short while. 😼

Thank you, Lyca, for your support! 💖

New profile icon of my jaguar fursona by @saynajaye!

If you’d like to get your own icon for Pride Month, Sayna might still have a few slots available!

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And a bonus squirrel we met on the way back! Definitely did not trust us one bit.

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