buff battle cat, very lightly clothed 

@monsterblue Why thank you! :blobcat_mlem:

more buff battle cats, still very lightly clothed 

They keep getting bigger! Group picture featuring Kuragari’s charr Yami Whitemane, Ferox Blackmane, and Kernas Schi, with my warrior in the middle. At least he’s not the smallest one!

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buff battle cat, very lightly clothed 

First half of a character & outfit commission for Kuragari. This is just the character: Yami Whitemane, Flame Legion vindicator. The outfit is coming soon, but you can already admire his uh, spots!

My patron Tabra gave me the prompt SPICY this time, and I found this shirt while browsing for references…

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@monsterblue It did take me much longer than planned because I still lack the intuition. But I'm happy with the result, glad you like him too! I hope there will be more dragons in the future 👀

@digitalfox Thank you! :blobcatheart:

This is of course the proud owner of the scales I shared here a few days ago.

(And I'm glad you noticed, heh! Otherwise this would bother me on platforms that loop automatically...)

VRChat avatar commission for Seraphis Zurvan, in collaboration with @Rengyr

It’s been a while since I had the chance to work on a dragon character. The final avatar has 43k polygons, extendable wings, and the glowing runes can be toggled!

Thank you for the commission, and have fun in !

@Mycroft @argi Tusky on Android shows alt text below the image when you tap on it, and Twitter has a little "ALT" button in the corner of each image that opens a popup. I assume they also provide that information to screen readers, though I've never actually seen how that looks or sounds like in practice.

The number of people who depend on image descriptions is higher than I thought! Interesting, and something to think about.

Here are the results for the same poll on Twitter:

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Managed to snag a good spot for recording the final dance of (just wish we could zoom out a little more!)


Just a little thing from the Tyria Pride voice chat that made me smile. There's always been a lot of overlap and mutual support between the LGBTQ+ and furry communities, but it still felt nice to hear it acknowledged like that.

Screenshots from day two (EU)

You were all amazing! 💖

As always, thank you Lelling and all the volunteers for organizing Tyria Pride, and I hope to see you all again next year!


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Screenshots from day two (EU)

Perhaps my favorite thing this year were all the Pride Birbs, especially those with the lightning effects. They had such an ANGRY gay energy. 😹


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Screenshots from day two (EU)

Thank you so much to everyone who said hi or recognized me from my art, that always feels so strange but wonderful! 💕


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