My first premade avatar, a black jaguar—ready for Pride Month with a little splash of rainbow.

I’ve kept this first version simple and lightweight (23k triangles) but plan to add customization options in the future. He’ll be available for purchase on Gumroad and other stores soon—hope you like him!

ad for vrchat avatar 

He's available on Gumroad now:

Remember it's my first premade avatar, please be gentle. 👀

ad for vrchat avatar 

A little free update for my jaguar avatar:

- All features can now be controlled via menu, and use of hand gestures can be toggled (in case you need your hands for other things)
- You can now summon a customizable flag to show some Pride, if the rainbow rosettes are not enough!

In addition to Gumroad he's now also available from my Ko-fi store:

Thank you @Rengyr for your help with the update!

ad for vrchat avatar 

Published another little update for my black jaguar avatar, adding PhysBones to the feet so they move more realistically when they come in contact with the ground. (AKA, dynamic beans!)

Free update, see my previous tweet for store links. Thanks again @Rengyr for the help!

ad for vrchat avatar 

Added an alternate texture for my jaguar avatar. I still prefer the black texture because it works better with the rainbow rosettes, but you can now have both!

It's a free update for previous purchases, see above for the store links!

ad for vrchat avatar 

Short clip of my jaguar avatar in VRChat - turned out a bit dark in hindsight, but I love how that makes the rosettes glow even more.

Thanks to @/SeraphisZurvan on Twitter for the recording!

Also, a quick poll: With the recent VRChat issues, would there be interest in a port to other VR platforms? And which one would you like to see the most?


I've made a little feedback form for my jaguar avatar. If you've purchased it previously or have thought about it, I'd love to hear from you - it's anonymous and should only take a minute:

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