VRChat avatar commission for Seraphis Zurvan, in collaboration with @Rengyr

It’s been a while since I had the chance to work on a dragon character. The final avatar has 43k polygons, extendable wings, and the glowing runes can be toggled!

Thank you for the commission, and have fun in !

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@kianga @Rengyr Oh, wow, that looks amazing!

(And you even seamlessly looped the preview…)

@digitalfox Thank you! :blobcatheart:

This is of course the proud owner of the scales I shared here a few days ago.

(And I'm glad you noticed, heh! Otherwise this would bother me on platforms that loop automatically...)

@kianga You were all like "oh I don't have much experience with modelling dragons" but this is FIRE

@monsterblue It did take me much longer than planned because I still lack the intuition. But I'm happy with the result, glad you like him too! I hope there will be more dragons in the future 👀

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