Do you usually read image descriptions (alt text) here in the Fediverse?

(I'll keep writing them regardless, just curious.)

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Personally I find them not just a fun exercise to write, but also interesting to read, even if I don't need them. Sometimes they highlight details I've overlooked, or explain intentions an artist has had that I didn't realize before. (And sometimes I miss totally obvious things.)

The number of people who depend on image descriptions is higher than I thought! Interesting, and something to think about.

Here are the results for the same poll on Twitter:

@kianga True -- I don't always read them, but I'm glad they exist!

@kianga yes, even though I'm technically not visually impaired, they can help greatly, often providing clues and context I wouldn't know otherwise

@kianga this is quite surprising. I didn't realise people even knew how to view alt text. Do phones even display that?

@argi @kianga I know myself I use an android client called Subway Tooter that always displays image descriptions without me having to click to view

@Mycroft @argi Tusky on Android shows alt text below the image when you tap on it, and Twitter has a little "ALT" button in the corner of each image that opens a popup. I assume they also provide that information to screen readers, though I've never actually seen how that looks or sounds like in practice.

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