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VRChat avatar commission for
Hewie, featuring his smol but very fluffy charr. The port was done by @Rengyr !

Thank you for the commission, and I hope you have fun in VR!

Happy !

Hope you all have a good time! Remember to take it easy and to support your friends.

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Prompt list for 2022!

Any medium is welcome! You can change or skip prompts, or just pick a few that inspire you.

“Ever wonder what those sparkly dots are up there?”

Yami, Ferox, and Kernas having a peaceful moment under the stars, for the prompt HARMONY from my patron Kuragari. Thank you for your support!

When adventuring with dragons, remember that once you’ve found the hidden treasure, it is considered polite to leave the dragon alone with it.

For the prompt CONDESCEND from my patron Seraphis. Thank you for your support!

VRChat avatar commission for Cinogard, featuring their revenant, Draken Darkshadow!

As always, the port was done by @Rengyr . I loved this outfit design—thank you Cinogard for letting us bring your charr into VR!

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Some #fennec fox photos from yesterday when the zoo was opened for sponsors.
Apparently she is 14 years old. Her favorite activities include changing sides, ignoring visitors and yawning. At least she picked a great photo spot.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the jaguar glows tonight…

For the prompt ILLUMINATE from my patron Lyca—thank you for your support!

Want your own glowy jaguar for or ? He’s available from my Gumroad and Ko-fi stores:

I had to go way back in my photo archive to find something for , but behold: tail!

(This was from a visit to Korkeasaari in Helsinki in 1999.)

Charr may not have the most refined hospitality, but their cooking skill makes up for it… as long as you don’t mind steak. Lots of it.

For the prompt HOSPITALITY from my patron Ripa. Thank you for your support! 💖

patreon ad 

If you enjoy my art and would like to support my work, I’d love to welcome you on my Patreon! See high-res renders, alternate perspectives, WIPs, and join our cozy Discord (optional!) - any help is appreciated!

I’m posting this almost a month early because I highly recommend preparing some prompts in advance, if you plan to do all 31 of them - otherwise this can get very exhausting.

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Prompt list for 2022!

Any medium is welcome! You can change or skip prompts, or just pick a few that inspire you.

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Today’s story is “Fantastic Feast” by Darius Davis.

After one year together, James throws a birthday party for Dixon and hosts another deaf friend over for the evening. However, after everyone has been thrown out from their first restaurant of choice, it’s up to James to try and salvage the rest of the night. Will he succeed?

CW: Strong Language, Ableism

I don’t want to let the community down or ruin the fun for others, so I’ll still prepare a prompt list for those who feel up to it. If there’s enough interest I’ll also try to collect all the art into Twitter moments as I’ve done in previous years. (I wish I could do this on Mastodon too.)

Seeing all your Charrtober art these past years has been amazing, and if you're still up for it I'd love to see your ideas this year too. But if not, please don't feel bad about it. We all deserve a break.

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I have some not-so-happy news today: I won't be participating in this year. These month-long art challenges can be a huge commitment, more than I can handle right now, and mental health comes first.

Don’t worry—when charr play, the second round is usually a lot more fun, and doesn’t involve cards.

For the prompt GAMBLING from my patron Lacsap. Thank you for your support!

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