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I have hacked the system. I just figured out I can put my vinyl album covers behind the actual record while it’s spinning to:
A) keep it safe from the wreck that is my room
B) allow me to look at the album art when I look over at my record player (I love setups where they have a record stand next to the player so you can see the album art)

Overall, pretty poggers.

(Forgot to add an image description first go around. Whoops.)

Money beg, need cash for car/house! Nsfw 

I only need about 1,500!! Art commissions are open and I do both nsfw and sfw art❤️

Name your price, I'll make art for any amount of money since all is helpful


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Remember when I said that after Biden won everyone was going to pretend the border camps are fine becouse orange man gone.

I'm watching the Final Destination series for the first time. I've only seen clips of it previously, so let's see how this goes!

I don't think Billie's the greatest musician ever or anything, but I feel like she doesn't get enough credit sometimes.

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Thinking about how much I love Billie Eilish's music. Not because it's super complex or anything, but because of the exact opposite. It's simple enough that I can listen to it without having to think too much, but complex enough that I can pick out little things each listen that help me understand the story she's trying to tell.

I don't want you to put "BLM" in your display name. I don't want you to put "Black Lives Matter ✊🏾" in your bio.

I want you to unfollow the friend who posts racist jokes.

I want you to confront your parents when they make racist comments.

I want you to stop ignoring the racist coworker b/c they're old.

I want you to donate your time/resources/expertise to local groups making a direct impact on their communities.

I want you actually SHOW black lives that they matter while they're alive.

You have to call out the bad shit in your own communities. There won't always be a black person around to do it for you.

People being vulnerable on the internet is a good thing, actually. I would like it if we stopped punishing people for being vulnerable on the internet. I would like it if people didn't have to act aloof or faultless to avoid getting attacked and scrutinized for every minutia of their being. How do you not see where this is inherently harmful.

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Been having some really bad paranoia/panic attacks recently following the loss of a friend, but I shaved today and I feel so much better about my appearance right now. It’s the little things sometimes.

If you love horror movies and you haven’t seen Hereditary yet, I highly recommend watching it. It does go deep into trauma and broken family relationships, so be wary if those kinds of subjects are triggers for you, but it’s so good. It’s a masterpiece. I’m sad the people around me don’t appreciate it as much as I do.

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Someone on Twitter asked about video game moments that stuck with you, and I don’t have any video game moments, but one horror movie moment stuck out to me.

There’s one scene in Hereditary that absolutely screwed with me. It still does to this day. It happens 30 minutes in. I don’t want to say any more about it so as not to spoil it, but holy shit.

Hereditary is easily one of my favorite films ever made.

thanos dot town will be defederating from exactly half of all instances, chosen randomly. fair. balanced. like all things should be

we (five white mods) were at mcdonald's the other day and uhh yeah... We were suckin off a crap pretending it's a dick I'm lovin it mcdonald's

Tired: doing homework
Wired: not doing homework

Yes I'm procrastinating on an assignment, yes I plan on getting it done, no I'm not getting it done now

/hj because I have the document open on my computer, I just am not actively looking at it

I saw this sign on my way back home from picking up takeout.

My mom and I busted out laughing.

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