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Finally made a . I put it under hopes and wishes as it didn't seem appropriate to put it in the medical category since i'm not in immediate danger.

I spent three months agonizing over this lol.

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Need to find me elsewhere? Here I be! There isn't enough boxes for stuff lol.

โœ๏ธ TUMBLR >

"I just can't believe that they are altering this character so greatly" scoffs the fanfic writer as they write said character (who is a high school aged child) as a dark brooding vampire lord who murders people for fun.

Fandom community: The best thing about fiction is you can take existing characters and do whatever you like! Alternative universe! Country swap! The sky is the limit!

Us: Okay that's awesome because I have this idea that Danny Fenton from Danny Phantom is actually a trans boy due to context clues in the show and he-

Fandom Community: NO. NOT LIKE //THAT//.

I beseeched Meemu to grant me access to their instance.

plz. have pity on me great meemus.

compiling my archive in preparation to move instances.

still can't believe im being limited for roasting factkin.

Factkin definition from google: Factkin are people who claim to be actual, living, breathing, currently existing human beings, most often a celebrity of some sort. For example, someone could claim to identify as Stephen King.

I cannot get a scorpion cause my roommate is allergic to bees and there's no telling what could happen if he accidently got stung, as 99.9% unlikely as that is :(

@Nomaxice pardon me, could you please tell me why my account got limited? Did I do something wrong?

I got an email from that my account is now limited?

"While your account is limited, only people who are already following you will see your toots on this server, and you may be excluded from various public listings. However, others may still manually follow you."

What did I do???

Someone from the ukraine randomly sent my bf a huge canvas print of rome in the mail. No note or anything.

what the hell this is the most random thing.

wELL one therapy place doesn't take my insurance, so i have to try and find another.

Beyond Beyond movie spoilers, death, cancer 

Beyond Beyond movie spoilers 

Beyond Beyond movie spoilers 

*Me before watching Beyond Beyond* Hey this is that weird movie Tumblr was talking about, lets watch it.

*Me now*

Seriously. I tried so hard to work, but I just can't. I can't do any retail stuff and all I have is art but I can only do so much with it.

I can barely hear
I take a shiton of meds just to function
My back spasms if i stand OR sit too long
Chronic depression and anxiety is one hell of a mix

I feel like im complaining but I just wasn't born to function in the current American society.

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