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Finally made a . I put it under hopes and wishes as it didn't seem appropriate to put it in the medical category since i'm not in immediate danger.

I spent three months agonizing over this lol.

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Need to find me elsewhere? Here I be! There isn't enough boxes for stuff lol.

โœ๏ธ TUMBLR >

Sometimes I just feel like I spend more time helping others than I do for myself. I got more issues than a magazine rack but somehow folks think i'm adjusted enough to ask for help all the time?

I like to help people, I really do, I just feel grumpy and sad tonight.

People are like 'just say no' don't understand what it's like to grow up where your worth was judged on how useful you were to other people.

If it isn't obvious im in a bit of a grumpy mood tonight

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Im so happy my gf has been using all the herbs i've been growing in her cooking and she says it's tasty so im proud of myself atm. She has NEVER used chives before!!!

Also Spoiled Pinkie likes her fresh catnip lol.

My farming skills have come in handy yay!

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I napped for a while today and many times when i dream of running away from something, i end up in 'boston'. My first instinct is always to somehow call @KepTrefler but because it's a dream you can't read, so using a phone is useless :<

I'M AWAKE and also still thinking about turkeys. Here's a video so you can see how pretty and cute they are.

I'm just surprised and delighted cause its been so long since I last saw a wild turkey. They are really pretty and neat to watch.

She was lying on her belly with her wings spread so I think she may have just been warming up. She got up and walked away so she's fine.

In a Walmart parking lot cause the man needed eyedrops and there's a turkey hen just chilling next to a car.

There's a pain in my belly right above the belly button. I'm not hungry nore particularly stressed today so idk what it is.

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There's a big fly in the room and pinkie is so sad because she can't catch it.

Man I wish that my male roommate would stop poking fun at me for locking my car doors when I'm in it alone.


Me. A woman. Alone in a car. With the doors unlocked. That's cruising for a car jacking right there.

Gottah go get more citric acid just when i think im all stocked up on supplies i completely miss something lol

What kinda animal is Mr.Ratburn's husband supposed to be? An aardvark like arthur?

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