I have made a Krita Resource Pack for those who want extra workspaces, gradients and more. The repository is public on Github and available for download, it is free to use for any purpose. Hopefully you like this Bundle as much as i do ^^ enjoy <3


Knowing the Linux/Unix terminal I can figure out how complex the file system in iOS is.

Spoiler alert, it isn’t so complex as I thought it would be lol

My long hair is starting to get really damn annoying, but i'm keeping it anyways.

Do people that use gnome have a foot fetish? Because the logo is a giant foot

furry commission 


Looking into the development into olive, I believe that it will be the next adobe premier/after effects in 3 years that is Free and Open Source. I wish the developers good luck and I’m excited to see the project grow and get into a stable state.


Microsoft released a "Windows 1.11" themed app to tie into Stranger Things, as season 3 is set in 1985, the same year Microsoft released Windows 1.0

Ironically, I'm unable to run it, because my version of Windows is too old. It only works on Windows 10.


I have been meeting really cool people on the fediverse/mastodon. I am so in love with it.

Decentralized and Open Source Social Media is pretty fun.

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