Paramount actually listens to mass criticism? Alright how come the government can’t do this?

Guys GTA 5 is like real life. You just need to spawn money with hacks and have it appear below you.

I wish the logic of sex applied to computers where I can just protect my computer from viruses by putting a condom on my laptop

I love how even with just a tool, in another OS, Microsoft still can't resist their data collecting shit



If Twitter ever bans porn then everyone will move to Mastodon/Fediverse.


it has become a meme to not delete the default cube in blender, im dead

How to get popular on Mastodon 101

1. Talk about free and open source software
2. Be a furry
3. Profit?

Anyone who is following me on mastodon. I love you and you deserve cuddles ❤️🥰


✅prevents you from accessing your files if you don’t pay.

Adobe Creative Cloud:

✅prevents you from accessing your files if you don’t pay.

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