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I wanna become a millionaire in Zimbabwe lol

‪Officer, I accidentally left my money in my pocket and did the laundry. I did money laundering! ‬

Stop buying weed, just torrent your weed. Everybody does it

I’ll no longer be a teenager in less than a year, that’s so sad

Me being polyamorus has lead me into some very close intimate friendships I don’t think I ever had before. I like it

Sliding into those DMs faster than a heartbeat leads to awkward consequences yeet

I built a development version of Olive Video Editor an open source video editor on github, and the developer is doing an amazing job with the performance! Look at how smooth scrubbing 1080p sample footage is!

Send me donations in bitcoin, or send me donations on Ko-Fi if you like my work to support what I do.


Bitcoin address: 1BzsUa2jUh9yC3k9VPSZhYMxoYWvoo23Jv

This got really viral! thanks guys!

make sure to leave me a follow!

Why yes I am slowly working on a visual novel about gay ass polyamorous werewolves

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