Man the last few days have been really hard.

Sometimes I’m a little bitter these days. I should give up the bitter and pick up the better. ...and maybe a little cookie batter.


Have you stepped on a bug today? If not, might I inquire for the position?

Oh hey @RainierJaguar I thought you’d never see me down by your toes!

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Transformation people be like "Why have mind altering substances when you can have body altering substances instead?"

micro, TF, bad end, betrayal 

I am often overcome by the desire to be transformed unwillingly into an ant on accident and for a friend to find and crush me underfoot while I try to get their help. >//<

Paws, object TF 

Help someone just threatened to turn me into a pair of socks and g-gah... x//x

Micro, feet/paws 

I've spent so much time beneath @Nomaxice's tread, between @Dracodare's toes, inside @digitalfox's sandals... I really am an insole-ant

Okay, I can now use this from my phone and am thus a lot more likely to use it! :D

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macro kink 

ok I'm new to this and not sure how comfy I am with it, but no reason not to explore right?

currently a smallish bunbun at ~1.5m tall (~4'11")

for each favourite to this toot, I have attached a machine that will increase my size by 10cm (~4")

nothing for boosts


Okay so... I really like mother and father figures being giants. I really want to be an inch tall or so and give a "dad" a foot rub after a long day, or have to avoid a mom's steps as she dances around in the kitchen or living room doing housework. (You can reverse these roles of course, I don't have gender role issues.)

What are all these instances?,,, it's all so confusing. And don't just say "it's the fediverse" because that's not what I mean at all.

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i Amn just........... a litle creacher. Thatse It . I Canot change this

Paws, micro, danger 

I want to be on a busy sidewalk dodging the feet/paws of titanic people, some of which actually see and try to step on me but don't care enough to try again when they miss.

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re: friendly teasing of a certain ant, size/paw 

@Nomaxice This brings to mind the mental image of stacking up steppiness, largest to smallest all atop @jamesdarkglint

The largest of us all (yourself, 8m or more?) plopping one's footpaws atop the itty-bitty critter, followed by a somewhat smaller @IceWolf or myself interlocking digits with you, with the third-largest critter wiggling their legs down in between the others' toes to add a tertiary teasing toeing to the ample ant stack.

Silly, not sure if it'd work or even be desirable by all, but.. possibly amusing to consider. (I've doodled a dual-stack version of this before.)

(…why does my recently-reset mobile keyboard already have "steppies" as a suggestion? >.>'; )

I'm not certain what is and isn't allowed here, like? Can I fantasize, can I be silly, can I tease and be teased by people I like? What are the rules?

If you don't know me, hi! I'm James, but I masquerade as my little ant boy Benny. In'he cute? I love to have him played with and put in precarious positions, so if that's up your alley, don't hesitate to say hello!

I'm a notorious paw slut, love size stuff, especially shrinking, and writing, playing games, and making friends. 28 years old, so don't worry about me being a creepy kid like Twitter seems to be flooded with. :T

Paw stuff, macro 

My current goal is to end up under @Dracodare's foot, which... is odd for a helpless little ant, I know. They're just so pretty though! ;~;

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