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anyone else extremely tired on their off days (doing literally nothing), but wide awake on their work days? I guess it's my body being aware but still I feel exhausted, been sitting here on my computer all day

it's so funny when people think calling me a furry is an insult or negative thing

like yeah I know I am? hello?

I have the sudden urge to get a VPS again and just host random stuff on it

what's everyone's current favorite emoji? Mine is 😐

me: I need to not spend money

also me 30 seconds later: *looks for an artist to commission*

it's a problem I swear

(or adjacent) Days in May

- micro May: (sizeplay stuff, all month!)
- May 9th: Arcanine Day (5/9 , #059)
- May 20th: Paw Day
- May 25th: Otter Day (last Wednesday of May)

If you know any others this month, feel free to comment! ^^

I need to replace my dying Airpod Pros. I've had them for just about 2.5 years now but I'm so comfortable with them it will be hard to replace. They are on sale for pretty cheap nowadays but idk

nothing like a fun time when I have a family dinner later that is only going to be political 😐

I'm having trouble verifying myself on Keybase here, gives me a 404 for the link Keybase generates. Anyone else have this problem/fixed it?

I love buying a gift for a friend, and they have zero clue about it. They wanted to buy it, but they couldn't. Can't wait for it to arrive and they have no idea!

today is going to be a great day, I hope everyone else can smile at least once today :)

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