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today is going to be a great day, I hope everyone else can smile at least once today :)

time management with ADHD:

if you have an hour before you have to go out and do stuff like work, then you have exactly an hour to spend sitting in your desk doing nothing but thinking about leaving in an hour

still want to switch over to linux, but so many apps I use are windows only. and yes, I have tried to look for alternatives rather than trying to get it working by itself, but I just can't make the move still.

one day I will

I feel like a NPC and I haven't even been up for 2 hours yet

it would be cool to host my own instance, I have a good domain to use but I don't feel like managing it lol

Hello peeps, I am hyperdefined! I am trying out Mastodon for the first time in years.

I code MC plugins & play games (Minecraft, osu!, and many more!)

You can see my character's art on my website:

You can find my other socials on my profile/website.

I haven't used Mastodon in YEARS. Excited to try it out again! - the mastodon instances for creatures

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