I fucking hate dreaming, the shit I dream scares me

was gonna drink hard tonight but of course work called me in for tomorrow 馃槓

I love being good a video games. I have not seen a single person beat this before.


my desktop's internet has been absolutely terrible (can't reach an ethernet cord) recently and I could not figure out why

well I decided to reinstall my wifi adapter's drivers, and I find out I was using the wrong adapter...

I was using the motherboard wifi, not my actual dedicated adapter


I've only been on here for just over a week now, and I gotta say, this community is so much more tamed than any other social media site out there.

yall are great <3

what's one coding language you would love to learn?

anyone else extremely tired on their off days (doing literally nothing), but wide awake on their work days? I guess it's my body being aware but still I feel exhausted, been sitting here on my computer all day

it's so funny when people think calling me a furry is an insult or negative thing

like yeah I know I am? hello?

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