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musix nonsense 

d#mm7 to C#M is just a softer V to I cadence.

or d#mmm9 to C#M, especially, cos then it's a 'soft dominant seventh' over the seventh of c# natural minor key, which works really nicely back to C#M.

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graphic video 

people say they want a pet hyena. rarely do they consider the realities of hyena ownership. due to the graphic nature of this video, it is only intended for those who are in possession of, or are attaining ownership of, a hyena and know not its wicked potential!! if this is not you; must your curiosity be sated so far as to step recklessly in the path of certain, mortal danger?! take heed: begone! for any further beyond this point and i make no assurances to your safety hereafter.

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(Honestly not my favorite cover but it is a great vibe regardless)

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I wonder if diamond would actually be good armor material. Maybe aluminum base with diamond dust glued on? (This sounds bad.)

*does the biggest, stretchiest stretch ever seen*


still waking up from an earlier nap.

*opens maw and emits notification chime*

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begpost, help trans girl buy groceries pls boost!! 

I need about 50 dollars to pay for groceries this week, I start my new job soon but I won't be paid for a few weeks

cashapp: $digitalcreature

#mutualaid #mutualaidrequest #transcrowdfund

i think minecraft will run on the laptop. at least on lowest settings, or something close. nice.

every time a bee bumbles near me i run away in terror, usually saying 'ahhHHHH aaaaHHHHHH nonononononono!' (not like screaming, but loudly) regardless of what i'm doing.

they're great animals, but, dang do they upset me. the noise, the movement; everything. KEEP AWAY, BEE.

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