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Hiya! I'm Hydro. I'm a dumbass cat with a perchant for just yelling about anything that comes to mind.

Usually video games, but sexuality, idiots, code, music, and food usually come up too.

My current jams are FFXIV, FFXV, Night in the Woods.

Music - Gimmie anything. Currently digging Infected Mushroom, Amaranthe, Sia..

Okay it's taken about a week but I've finally got my music library mostly sorted so I can cancel Spotify as well.

Gonna miss the convenience, but watching my playlists get occasional missing tracks was starting to do my head in.

Online life organisation (+) 

I've spent the better part of the last decade being a lazy online dweller and just reusing passwords, or just using Google sign in or keeping all the passwords in my Google account.

The other day, I just went "fuck it" and began moving everything out.

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Online life organisation (+) 

More organisation if anything but yeah

Spent pretty much the entire day unshackling myself from Google and Microsoft ecosystems and removing all my documents and files from free cloud storage services.

I've run all my stuff into Mozilla and my mail/storage is now with fastmail where I pay £5 a month for a decent amount of storage and I can use one of my domains as an email account
But yeah. Like a solid 10 hours of just migrating, password changing, and FTP movement

So, with University finishing and being still-furloughed and looking for jobs. I've had even more introspection time that I did when I went to uni.

I don't think I'm trans. However, I'm definitely not cis. Non-binary seems to fit well. Masc leaning. Though I may still revert to femme characters/pronouns on occasion..

Job hunting is proving interesting. Aaaa. Just throwing my CV every which way I can. Hopefully something shiny bites!

COVID mention, lockdown talk (- ish) 

Anyone else got lower energy since the whole lockdown started? I've only ever napped before this whole thing about 4-5 times ever.

I've napped like 5 times just this week... Sleep is broken as hell..


Gonna be a looooong 3 weeks. Saw the lockdown coming but goddamn it's starting to feel really weird now. We're in the middle of a real life pandemic.

Mh stuff (~/-) 

My mind's been kind of all over the place lately and I've all but withdrawn into pretty much the only place I feel good about myself, which is an MMO.

I feel like garbage for it because I'm in the last few months of my degree and I just can't get my head on straight. I don't know who/what I am anymore and it's starting to get to me.

Trying to get away from Twitter more, barely been posting there lately but also not even visiting masto lately. Aaaaa. Need to get away from hellsite more

Furry, nude but null 

Hydro got a redesign since I came out and hydro's old form was kinda manly. So I splashed out on a new ref sheet! Artist is !!

Wild Weekend. Came out to the wider family via the FB. Changed my legal name! Got some places sorted with my new name.


Coming out (+) 

Hello Fediverse!
I came out as trans to my parents and sibling today.

I cried a lot. They're supportive though. Mum was quiet for a bit, dad was supportive.

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Furry art, bare but not NSFW 

Got my first SFW "official" artwork of Hydro in her new gender! It feels comfy now.

🎨 -> (Link contains NSFW!)

Small update on my profile. Updated my pronouns to She/They - No trial period or whatever this time. I am worthy to use them and I need to work myself out sooner rather than later.

I only stopped this last time because I felt like an impostor, but impostors don't go to the GIC and get excited about it!

GIC, gender stuff (mostly +) 

So, 45 minute screening appointment done. Had a pretty busy rest of the day.

Kinda coming to terms with myself but also legitimately terrified of transitioning, but only the social aspect.

The person on the other end of the phone was very helpful and offered advice on what the service can do and what it generally covers and the expected timeframes.

Currently on repeat on my Spotify - "TOTALFAT - Come & Get It"

It's a delightfully fun jam and a perfect bpm for me. (I love faster paced stuff. I'm a punk at heart)

Transphobia, piers Morgan, hellsite (--) 

Just what I needed 2 days before my screening appointment with the GIC, a major morning UK TV show gleefully tweeting piers Morgan saying he 'identifies as a penguin' as if it isn't a transphobic thing and just funny.

One of these days I'm just going to leave it behind for good.

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