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Hiya! I'm Hydro. I'm a dumbass cat with a perchant for just yelling about anything that comes to mind.

Usually video games, but sexuality, idiots, code, music, and food usually come up too.

My current jams are FFXIV, FFXV, Night in the Woods.

Music - Gimmie anything. Currently digging Infected Mushroom, Amaranthe, Sia..

Furry, nude but null 

Wild Weekend. Came out to the wider family via the FB. Changed my legal name! Got some places sorted with my new name.


Coming out (+) 

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Furry art, bare but not NSFW 

Small update on my profile. Updated my pronouns to She/They - No trial period or whatever this time. I am worthy to use them and I need to work myself out sooner rather than later.

I only stopped this last time because I felt like an impostor, but impostors don't go to the GIC and get excited about it!

GIC, gender stuff (mostly +) 

Currently on repeat on my Spotify - "TOTALFAT - Come & Get It"

It's a delightfully fun jam and a perfect bpm for me. (I love faster paced stuff. I'm a punk at heart)

Transphobia, piers Morgan, hellsite (--) 

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So the other day, I was *properly* angry. I've not been that angry in some time. I forgot what it was like to be honest. I've been relatively chill for a few years, but I was physically trembling in anger. I just stopped what I was doing and popped open my meditating app.

Last time I recall being that angry I actually trashed my old room a bit

UKpol (-) 

UKpol (-) 

Move is all done! about 60-70% unpacked, just got one box left to sort out!

I'm also currently holding onto one of the housemate's gear as they moved home for summer and couldn't get it all in their car.

So I've got a little less room for a few weeks

Morning! Woke up early. Bluh. One last major move of gear to the new place to go

Adulting, long-ish post, +! 

Now after doing all my AI research madness, I'm torn between doing GOAP, Behaviour Trees, and Utility AI.

:T Utility AI is pretty emergent atm so I'd get bonus points for doing that..

I need to get to the dentist soon. Is there such thing as weather affected toothaches? Usually around 6am and about 11pm my face just erupts in pain

I've got a chipped tooth but I currently can't afford emergency dentist, much less a regular appointment..

Slowly starting to remerge back in the fediverse. It's a much chiller and nicer place to be. Mostly nighttime lurking as I'm busy with FFXIV, research for final year project, or work during the day!

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