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dragoncon this year was honestly a bust. was sick half of it, wanted to costume more the other half.... gonna make plans to fix both next year

I'm ashamed to admit I've only now answered the door for a pizza guy in fursuit.

and he wanted to pet me before he wanted pictures

I'm successfully converting everyone into referring to the con vendors area as "dealers den"

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On a flight next to a couple guys in the sports fandom
- You are assigned a sportsona based on where you live, but can pick between a few species
- Your sportsona suit must come from an official source, though some bootleggers might have cooler stuff
- During a third of the year (based on species), dozens of sports cons are held every day, hosted by the local sportsona
- Millions of people keep track of who wins the dance comp at each con
- Look out, reg is super expensive for the popu-sports

@olympiaxylaige I am ashamed to admit that it wasn't until now that I realized your @ wasn't olympiaxchange....

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