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Good MORNING all of you rad and valid wonderful floofs and poofs and tubs and wubs and flaps and florps and sweet wonderful people. <3

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Since I have seen a couple others post their polynetworks, I thought I might share mine. I am not as fancy with pictures sadly...

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This foxo is ready for the weekend to start...


So I saw this in the store and thought about buying it... But it doesn't come in my size.

Techno Ramblings 

I got Windows running on my Chromebook playing Second life... Or did I? Nah it's Shadow PC Streaming and it works well.

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Mental Health 

So I have finally made an appointment with a councilor. I hope that it goes well, I have been doing a lot of journaling and I think I know what the biggest thing I need help with is

I am not able to see my own worth, because of this I am struggling to understand why people like me or why my partner and boyfriends see any value from me. It is rough, but I hope to turn it around with starting to see a councilor.

I just got recognized for some of the work I've been doing. Customer wrote in and management too acknowledge me. It's kinda nice to be noticed from time to time for putting in all the extra work I do.

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finally doing this inbox zero thing. i now have zero inboxes. please send me email at Nowhere

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Transformation, Inflation (SFW) 

Grey asked about my belly valve, so I decided to show them a little more about it by using a stick-on valve! Lobo's helping the change spread as well!

Cute piece of art by featuring myself,, and in it. ^.^

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The best thing about having an entire server all to myself is I can run updates and restart it whenever I want and nobody will complain. If I shared it, I'd have to do an announcement or schedule it or something. What if I want version 1.33.4 of something or other RIGHT NOW instead of in a couple hours?

Owning Music Rant 

What happened to people owning their music? I mean I stream Google Play Music sometimes, but I like having local copy of my music that I like and buying the songs from Bandcamp pages.

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I said I would so I did. I hadn't realized the Circles compilation I got oh so long ago was only Volume 1, so I grabbed both Volume 2 and 3.

1-3 weeks of Media Mail is going to go so long I'll forget. I'll consider this a present for Future Me!

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RL Pain/Recovering 

So... I now feel like I don't want to bottom again for a long time as I want to say anal fissures are very painful and using the bathroom is double that... :( I cannot wait for this pain to go away.

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