Pride, Fake Care 

I am not looking forward to next month, where all the big corporate companies pretend to care about LGBTQ+ community…

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hey fedi

please CW or tag your politics, no matter how harmless or shitposty

doing so helps protect people with adhd and on the autism spectrum from getting into unhealthy mental health spirals

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friends in USA, print this out, and post it in your workplace and around your neighbourhood!

@digitalfox I have been pretty curious to test the compatible activitypub systems out there.

@Khosumi I used to have Samsung Galaxy Watch Active was what I had, it was pretty affordable. It looks like Galaxy Watch4 is the newer version of it. 330 CAD.

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*snifs your packets* hmm :blobcat3c: smells like internet

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@volpeon Mind if I ask what your opinions of it were?

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@Antifafox god misinformation at its finest… and they most likely don’t even care to make a correction statement… and they don’t even care that trans individuals have the highest rates of mental health issues, and they wonder why… just add this on top of it… at least the person seems like they are responding and making it a point to point themselves out and the inaccuracy.

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Oh no! On the 28th of May will be the "Downfall of the Derg"
I do not like the sound of that!
We Dergs must persevere!

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My non-spoiler review of TUNIC ( ) after getting the 100% ending with a friend:
It's a good game, and you are a fox. Would recommend.

Had some quibbles with the later part of the game, but overall, I and my aforementioned friend enjoyed it.
#Tunic #game

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In May 2022, LibreOffice has received two awards: SourceForge’s Open Source Project of the Month, and Software Informer’s Editor’s Pick:

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vore, VR 

@Nomaxice yup you will be able to!

vore, VR 

@Nomaxice glad you got to check out Neos. Check me out in game some time, love to say hi!

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@joeo10 @chartier @Aetous There is Brave Search and Searx. Brave Search is actually really nice, and using their own bots instead of proxy like DDG. Or Searx where you can run your own proxy of the big search engines. I personally think both are better alternatives to DDG.

@chartier @Aetous Comment from the CEO that said. Yes, not “removing” but they are hiding and down ranking results.


@Aetous I do just want to clarify… I like the efforts to try and do something to stop the disinformation… but I just fear the slippery slope of things that can become considered censored for people’s safety, like the woman’s right to choose and research their options…

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