@egeexyz if you’re wanting good royalty free background music playlists I’ve enjoyed Streambeats playlists. streambeats.com

@Aetous I mean technically OnlyFans is designed for this exact type of purpose. Not just for porn actors, but also artists.

@Karb_Derg Yeah, it’s a shame. I would love to see more sites adopting the Webauthn standard, but I don’t think I will see that either. Or at least no sms require Authenticator app, since those are not always tied to phone numbers (Authy)

Been a very busy past couple weeks, but got to spend some time rewriting Neos Clocktower Fans site finally. Using NextJS with TypeScript, and I have to say love how it turned out. github.com/hack13/boct-neos-fa

Aaaa my Varjo Aero is stuck… I hope it gets on the plane soon. I’m very excited, and so excited for it to arrive. It looks like it’s also going to arrive before my custom lenses inserts at this point.

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Second week of being free from a demon of mine. It's certainly not easy. So many habits to break.

@egeexyz I think this is just the normal these days for devices that are low cost (that said I don’t think they are all that low cost)… The sad thing is you don’t really have that many options, other than Apple’s device (which I hear isn’t as good) or MyCroft (DIY Setup) but ad supported business is all the rage these days.

So starting to finally look at terraform for an upcoming project, and started looking around at my other stuff to see what I could use as well to play with… only to realize that I pretty much 100% Serverless stuff these days, all edge deployed… It is nice not having to maintain servers, just code.

@egeexyz I think that would be pretty cool, see a personal CI pipeline

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Kinda curious, do you prefer GitHub or GitLab? Also, why do you prefer that platform over the other one?

mh (-) 

Yay… work is messing up my sleep schedule… and I have a set schedule! So, it’s wonderful… I just need to get a job that doesn’t stress me as much and leaves me with some energy after work.

The thing I love about the Fediverse over Twitter is, I get a classic timeline feed. It isn’t showing me the same posts like 20 times as I scroll. It’s actually chronological, but I do wish we had some sort of good prediction/suggestions system… but that’s hard considering it’s decentralized.

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Peak cleaning performance! I’m so happy with my new vacuum! Had to buy as one of my partners long hair kept clogging the rollers. This bad boy has Dyson’s new detangling stuff and it really works. I’m just happy to be able to vacuum without dealing with my partners hair clogging it up every few minutes.

@digitalfox I see… I am starting to see I might be outnumbered by Ubuntu and Debian server owners… I used to use Ubuntu Servers, but just really fell in love with CentOS then with the Changs to rolling, moved to Alma since it is operated by the same people who manage CloudLinux.

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