Just a heads up, if you want to continue following my silly ramblings I am now on my own self-hosted instance @hack13

Mental Health 

@mopthelop it is alright, all is well and good. It happens to all of us.

@mopthelop I been using PIA for years, I suggest using them they have a nice mobile app on both iOS and Android.

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@pdtodd bring it with you the next time you visit I can show you how to enable it.

I really hope that Linux support comes to my Chromebook soon.

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HELLO good morning fine people! I'm being a cablerat today helping two coworkers from out of town with neatening cabling in our server room. Hope it goes smoothly! <3

But first, :pooltoyvalve: 🎈 :ms_coyote: ☕ time!

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Mental Health 

@pdtodd @silvally @pawl Well when you lived with me you had solid internet ;3

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@ceralor Plugs that you can use to fill with air ;3

@pdtodd nope, as you can message and chat with people on multiple different instances. For example I am friends with people on etc all from here <3 one account and keep up with everyone

One of my partners joined today. He is a silly leg boy (Maned Wolf). @pdtodd he is a cutie <3

@pdtodd Huzzah! why do you think I like this place more?

@pdtodd And you told me that you were not on social media... Did you lie to me

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