So I made an impulse purchase because the iPods are gone now. This is the last of them, till Apple sells out… but… do I open it? Or keep it so I can resell later as never opened?

With the 3DS eshop shutting down next year, I’m trying to put together my collection of games

Cute picture of my casino themed nardo friend and I.

Birthday Cake 

I made myself a Confetti Cake for my birthday… I am not good at decorating… xD

Just a cute picture of me and good friend Doomie hanging out in the virtual casino where “no gambling” happens ((it is true, just silly they have to say it for legal reasons. Just volunteers who deal games with fake chips that reset if you loose it all in 16 hours as a cool down))

VR Model, Muzzle 

I think this looks cute on me, what do you think? (The textures don’t look quite right, because this is preview mode in Blender)

Playing with Discord's OAuth API... when you are on the sign-in screen they sure shove a lot of warnings into the javascript console.

VRChat Snuggling 

Having friends snuggle with, even if only in VR. It works out well for me, especially since I work so much and hard to get long periods of time off.

Enjoying visiting worlds from my favorite video games in VR.

VRChat / Feelings About COVID 

Really loving , I love being able to be a fuzzy version of myself and enjoy meeting and enjoying people’s company during the current state of the world.

NSFW, D/s, Musk 

Just some cute art I got recently of me and one of my partners.


Since I have seen a couple others post their polynetworks, I thought I might share mine. I am not as fancy with pictures sadly...


So I saw this in the store and thought about buying it... But it doesn't come in my size.

Techno Ramblings 

I got Windows running on my Chromebook playing Second life... Or did I? Nah it's Shadow PC Streaming and it works well.

Owning Music Rant 

What happened to people owning their music? I mean I stream Google Play Music sometimes, but I like having local copy of my music that I like and buying the songs from Bandcamp pages.

Just look at that, all those VMs to do all my testing to make sure my stuff works well on all those platforms... I feel like I still need to add openSUSE to the list.

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