So I am curious… I have a few friends who use Ubuntu Server for their person projects. I personally use Alma Linux as I manage RHEL at work, and like the security stances of SELinux. But it got me wondering, what distro do you use for your servers?

@hack13 Ubuntu/Debian so far - Debian on an ancient Arm Buffalo Linkstation NAS (...why did autocorrect start suggesting kinkstation?), Ubuntu elsewhere.

Though I aim to try out NixOS in the future, especially after following the Linux Unplugged challenge with it. I had to hold off on upgrading some of my servers due to the Salt configuration management tool not being ready for Ubuntu 22.04 at the time (it might be by now), and having a built-in system state management sounds pretty appealing.

@digitalfox I see… I am starting to see I might be outnumbered by Ubuntu and Debian server owners… I used to use Ubuntu Servers, but just really fell in love with CentOS then with the Changs to rolling, moved to Alma since it is operated by the same people who manage CloudLinux.

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