Owning Music Rant 

What happened to people owning their music? I mean I stream Google Play Music sometimes, but I like having local copy of my music that I like and buying the songs from Bandcamp pages.

Owning Music Rant 

@hack13 I still buy. I prefer buying from online stores since I've lost so much physical media and the ability to replace my library in the event of something similar is vital to me now.

re: Owning Music Rant 

@hack13 Agreed.

Though I use what is now YouTube Music for discovery and casual listening, I restrict myself to two playlists there (for easy export if Google pulls the plug - I *still* miss Grooveshark) and buy from Bandcamp or get a physical CD (to rip to FLAC) of whatever I can easily afford.

The legacy Google Play Music All Access Family plan was more for YouTube Red, splitting cost with a friend. Music's been a bonus.

(Also I hope this super-late reply is okay.)

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