PSA because some people don't seem to know that. Those weird barcodes found on letters contain your zip/postal code (which in some places can point to really specific location). You may want to blur them out when posting photos of letters online.

@gorol they also exist in the UK (albeit in a slightly different proprietary format) and are added by Royal Mail sorting equipment in UV sensitive ink, so can be easily overlooked (they are usually a fluorescent orange colour, and you will see them on envelops that have already been through the postal system delivered to your address)


@vfrmedia Similar ones are in use in Poland (I didn't know they were fluorescent! I just checked under a UV lamp and it glows!). I wonder is it some kind of standard encoding (maybe used by one of sorting equipment manufacturer?) or every postal operator uses a different one.

@gorol I think the same company sells the kit to postal services the World over; but what the data contains varies between each country.

The black readable 4 state barcodes do also exist in the UK (and this format or the contents isn't a secret and is widely shown online) but are more often used for bulk mail (especially marketing related mail) from larger companies...

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