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Hear me out: phone numbers, but with check digit

“Cryptocurrency is literally like an eight-year-old’s concept of an evil businessman. He just plugs his pollution machine in and gets money for it. It doesn’t make anything, it just. Pollutes. And makes money. Like a fucking Captain Planet villain”

A friend just seen fursuiter on a bus between Bytom and Piekary Śląskie, the matrix broke again…

Apparently Microchip offers atomic clock that can run on 120mW of power… Future is literally now

I think at this point you’re more likely to die at a gender reveal party than from Covid

End to end encryption in telegram desktop when?

Susan Wójcicki has Polish citizenship? I'm honestly quite surprised…

This will always be my favourite news to come out of Poland

Mystery tree beast turns out to be croissant - BBC News

character building my fursona: their little portable, handmade wrist computer! loaded with software for managing tasks and stuff, web browser, and quick prototyping/programming when an idea strikes them suddenly!

"cancel culture", Youtube, abuse/harrassment 

I rarely share videos here for any reason, and certainly not videos this long, but I think a lot of people need to see this, even if they don't watch video essays and don't know this particular Youtuber:

It might be hard to watch in places, but I think it says things about harrassing people for what is perceived as good reasons that a lot of people (incl. ones with good intentions) desperately need to hear.

Hi fellow Europeans, did you know that according to EU guidelines[1] the Euro sign should come before the amount when writing in English?
So the scary Polish croissant costed €0.99!


I don't like Patreon, but I do like their auto-generated fox avatars. And today I learned that the code to make them is open source under the MIT licence.

Do some know if there is an English translation of the Russian comic Собакистан (Sobakistan)?

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