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Hot take: Kraftwerk's albums feel like some experimental music from little known artist on bandcamp.

My friend send me a "which first secretary of Polish communist party are you?" meme. And now we're talking about Edward Gierek policies while calling him "Daddy Edward".

I say that I won't buy a Xiaomi phone again because of the bullshit they've put in place to make unlocking bootloader as hard as possible. But having a phone with decent custom ROM support and well working dual-sim with VoLTE for ~€100 used is nice ngl.

looks nice, but there's no way to change your location if you don't have Google Play Services installed.

My friend said today that it's impossible to not use Facebook Messenger and keep in touch with friends, especially with group chats.
Simple; just make friends with Linux users and chat on jabber or furries and chat on telegram :blobcatgooglyshrug:

Dear Gboard, thanks for correcting 'Lemon' to 'Lenin'. But I'm pretty sure there wasn't a band called "Lenin Demon".

funny dialog about The Economy 

me: wish there was a way to decentralise global financial institutions
crypto chuds:
me: not you

Some Europeans forget about it, but if you live in an EEA country or Switzerland you can send euro wire transfers with the same fee as a local ones, even when you're outside Eurozone.

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Stirpe isn't available in as many countries as PayPal, but there are other credit card processing companies.

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I often see creatures complain about how shitty PayPal is. Why don't just use Stripe's payment links or
I've heard the argument that not everyone has a credit card outside US (side note: some people doesn't seem to know that, but not only almost all Visa and MasterCard debit and prepaid cards work online but also some Maestro ones), however Stripe has support for local payment methods like Blik too.

[this post is a cryptocurrency free zone]

Only innovation in chest freezers in last ~30 years is LED light integrated into the lid, but oh boy how useful it is.

A boomer is someone born before 1990, but if they watched MTV they're a Gen Xer. If they were born between 1990 and the end of 2001, they are a Millennial, unless they're queer in which case they're a Zoomer. As a show of respect for 9/11, no new babies have been born since then, so we don't have to worry about it

Ok, I forgot that Mastodon is such a great platform that it doesn't replace trademark sign with emoji™.

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