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I still remember that my first downloaded MOD file back in the early 90s was a MOD version of Fine Young Cannibals "She Drives Me Crazy".

The file is a tiny 71KB and a pretty good sounding instrumental rendition of the song.

(VLC can play it)

just found this in my documents folder

(i made this at some point during gpn had forgotten to post it)

I'm a centrist in that i try to piss somewhere between the toilet lid and toilet seat

>Prior to its use as an antisemitic label or identifier, ((( screen name ))) had been used in online communities such as AOL to indicate that a user was "cyberhugging" the user with the specified screen name.

never forget what they took from us

my bank has a Pride theme so now when I open the app there's a rainbow next to my deadname

"I'm not going to get super glue on my fingers" and others lies we tell ourselves

fundamentally the problem is that its just very easy to become more self-aware than a google employee

I would like to propose a new term:

- what's your cryptsona?
- annoying crypto reply guy, what's yours?
- NFT millionaire pretending to care about the environment.
- nice!

website: please enter your email address
me: enters email address
website: did you mean

:blobfoxtableflip: it truly is the gmail network

I am fine with Norway not winning because they should not be encouraged or allowed to write songs about animals.

Listen I was in Oslo the week what does the fox say came out and I am still fucking traumatized ok

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I love cities with dense downtown „I missed a tram by five minutes that goes every twenty? I'll just walk there”

I wish I was as passionate about something as Drew is at hating all programming languages

never buy the yubikey usb-a devices, they lack the grounding cage, just fried all the usb-a ports on my docking station 🙃

> Contactless payments dominated the market. They account for 97.5 percent of all non-cash card transactions [in Poland] - Polish]

Not surprising, but it's getting closer and closer to a 100%. According to National Bank of Poland all POS terminal accept contactless cards and 92,4% of cards issued are contactless

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