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I had to instruct an old person how to use an Android phone and it went a little like this:

"When the screen goes dark, you need to turn it back on by pressing this unmarked button on the right. Then, when the screen lights up with the clock, a background picture, and no other indication of what you should do, you need to place your finger on the screen and swipe upwards."

When did we decide that this was a good idea?? I might as well teach them how to use Vim at this point.

2022 bingo card:
• Norwegian government declares war on YAML
• James Webb and Hubble collide somehow
•Someone makes an NFT-based file system as a joke but it somehow catches on anyways
• Jeff Bezos buys the moon
• Frogs.
• Alien life is discovered on some random minor planet nobody has ever heard of
• Covid-22
• Florida bans bicycles by accident but decides to enforce it anyways
• Elon Musk causes a global financial crash by posting Goatse on his Twitter

Yes here in Canada we use the metric system. except
* If it's baking then it's in Fahrenheit
* If it's your height then it's in feet and inches and your weight is in pounds
- unless it's on your driver's licence in which case it's back to cm and kilos
* If it's fruits and vegetables or meat then its price per pound
- except on your receipt it's written in kg
* If it's paper sizes or screen sizes then it's in inches
* If it's Canadian football the rules are different but guess what! It's still in yards
* If it's alcohol then it's ounces
- unless it's canned in which case it's back to mL
* And I haven't even TOUCHED land sizes

Furry is when you’re your own therapy animal

In Prague, they don't just defederate from you, they move all the data from your instance onto a drove and chuck it out a window.

They call it defedestration

🍞 bread

* no ads
* no RCE vulnerabilities
* the only dark patterns are its texture and crust
* won't spy on you
* won't sell your data
* does not require an account
* does not even require an Internet connection

I hope this Hacker News thread just keeps growing more and more transgressively arcane:

One of the problems with late stage capitalism is that innovation doesn’t just become impossible, it starts moving backwards

Zuckerberg is now advertising the Metaverse as this amazing way to do things that online communities have already been doing really well for at least 20 years

Musk is slowly taking baby steps towards developing rocket technology that we already had SIXTY YEARS AGO

This stuff doesn’t just suck, it’s ACTIVELY REGRESSIVE

Do you use Slack? Firefox 95 bundles a User Agent override the popular confab service. This enables users of this browser to access Slack features like calls and ‘huddles’ otherwise limited to those on other browsers (despite these features working fine in Firefox).

I hate the internet so much

@sn0w Bad edge cases: a public NTP server in the block.

(NTP uses these addresses for local clock sources like GPS and atomic clocks.)


The Polish word "pryskać" means "to spray" and other similar things.

The word "bryzgać" (which, as you can probably see, has the same consonants, except most of them are voiced instead of voiceless) also means "to spray", but is used for larger amounts of liquids, and often implies something being covered inadvertently and/or violently.

Kinda love the fact that these are two words that are almost the same - but not really, and they also mean almost the same thing - but not really.

The most annoying thing about car-based capitalism is that businesses refuse to let their parking lots connect


I don't really follow Soatok very closely (furry developer and blogger on software, security, and the like), but I do agree with this sentiment of his:

"Ditch this Web3 bullshit, and the Web2.0 bullshit that preceded it for that matter. Bring back independent blogs and personal websites."

How the times have changed... In the 2000s, we had Java applets - native applications trying to be webapps.

Today we have Electron - webapps trying to be native applications.

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