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nobody answered my deinonychus questions. i see how it is

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fu manchu's "evil eye" might be the best song in THPS2

also there's no window bar on top. not as important but annoying to me

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having an issue where retroarch is just not accepting keyboard inputs for games. menus are fine, hotkeys are fine, but actual game inputs? nothing. tried it with genesis plus and with beetle PSX. please help me mastodon

i am on ubuntu 21.04

bird death mention 

frustrating when dipshits bring up wind turbine bird deaths as some dumbass gotcha when fossil fuel bird deaths are significantly higher (not to mention cats and buildings)

tryna give lancer a proper look but i think i hate its visual design a lot and also wish it was an HTML document instead of a PDF. i think it's very sure of what it wants to be, i'm just not sure that what it wants to be is what i want out of it

general disclaimer: i don't know shit about programming

are there any third party switch exclusives? not looking for recommendations, just curious

seasteading is hilarious to me. like i love the ocean, but i would never want to live in the middle of it. no thanks

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read a funny article about how 3 craptocurrency dipshits bought a cruise ship to try and do seasteading but nobody bought a cabin in the cruise ship so they just wasted millions of dollars to take a private cruise from europe to panama

the only VR experience that i'm sorta itching for is polybius, but not enough that i would spend the money to get the hardware

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the most engaging VR experiences for me, so far:
• skyrim VR breaking so i got lost in the disorienting hall of mirrors
• some lil VR short film made to look like stop motion (i don't remember the name but it took place in a lil floating town in the sky)

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fun fact: the only zelda games i've played to the end are zelda 2 and breath of the wild.

perhaps related: breath of the wild reminds me a LOT of zelda 2

my only experiences with VR were using my friend's stuff and that's been either google phone stuff or PSVR. just not really interested in it!

man what the hell is going on with yoshi's anatomy that he eats things and then they become eggs? anyone ever thought about that before? i must be the first person to ever think about how weird that is on this planet

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