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your fave is not github: git

it's a distributed piece of software
it works without github
you don't need github
you technically don't need a server at all, git works fine without one
if you still need a centralised remote to push to you can use codeberg or run your own gitea
fuck github

If I'm The Last One Left In A Depopulated Dystopian Future Earth Due To All The Isekais Then Who Is Driving The Truck

played shadowrun returns. it was pretty good! the writing was full of grammatical errors and other issues. it felt like they didn't proofread it before publishing

ulillillia's working on a new game and i'm excited

hop along's debut album, get disowned, is still absurdly good. i'm maybe in the mood for their second album, painted shut, more often, but that debut is fantastic

rail shooters, huh? where's the skateboard?

have now seen vore art of vin diesel. apparently it has something to do with the fast and the furious

a grand total of six (6) people across twitter and mastodon are interested in watching me stream terranigma

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they just waited until everyone stopped paying attention, and did it anyway



Humble Bundle will start capping charitable donations again, despite backlash earlier this year -

@rysiek @meena @whvholst When you ask Copilot to write a fast inverse square root function it literally copies the one used in Quake verbatim including the famous // what the fuck? comment.

That’s a very clear GPL violation, there’s no other way to put it.

So, let me re-phrase:

Government-run study, involving shortening the work week for government employees proves that productivity can be *gained* by shortening the work week.

Does business jump on that insight and clear opportunity to gain productivity *for free*, thus edging a competitive advantage on the market?

No. This happens only after unions get involved.

"Capitalism efficiently allocates resources" my arse.

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“The password generator included in Kaspersky Password Manager had several problems. The most critical one is that it used a PRNG not suited for cryptographic purposes. Its single source of entropy was the current time. All the passwords it created could be bruteforced in seconds.”

They used math.random() on the web version y’all. This is a “security” company. I’m speechless.

i have no strong opinions about the EA dead space thing because my only dead space experience is playing a little bit of dead space extraction using the playstation move controls

i keep playing this. so far my record is 1 minute, 46 seconds. i wish it had more levels!

This is a C64 demo for a *1541 disk drive*, and I'm just 😯. Even though I already knew that C64's drives were essentially computers with CPU and RAM, just the idea to use serial data/clock lines for video output is so incredibly AMAZING. So cool.

is password/account sharing for hbo max possible right now? my mom has an account and i was wondering if i should ask if i could access it to watch cartoons


refried beans are so good

so what's a good alternative to audacity, then?

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