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what is your preferred means of content distribution?

Pokémon Game and Pokémon Slightly Different Game

we’re at 810 on our gofundme to move to a better place! our 4th roommate has to move in with us into our crappy 2 bedroom apartment since their landlord is selling the place they’re living in soon. without a working fridge or washer this will be very stressful!

wrote up a lil intro thing to my game idea available for patrons only! if you are interested in hearing about my game idea, gimme a dollar

oompa loomp doopity doo. i got a glock and it's pointed at you

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oh yeah i finally got past stage 45 in kobo

next desk setup i think i'm gonna try putting the tower on the desk behind the monitor. slightly worried it might be too heavy, though—it's just a cheap ikea desk

i understand the advantages of a vertical computer, but i just prefer the look of a horizontal one!

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i wish mastodon didn't have infinite scrolling. it's so so awful for me

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